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Who Is The Most Famous Christian In The World?

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How many celebrities named Christian can you think of? The famous Christians below have many different professions, including notable actors named Christian, famous athletes named Christian, and even musicians named Christian.

Christian Bale is certainly one of the most famous Christians on this list. One of the famous actors named Christian, he started his career by starring in Empire of the Sun when he was only 13 years old. Later, he went on to win an Oscar for playing Dicky Eklund in The Fighter.

Another of the famous people with the first name Christian is Christian Slater. He starred in the critically acclaimed TV series Mr. Robot. Heathers, Interview with a Vampire, and Very Bad Things are among his movies.

There are also a bunch of fashion designers named Christian on this list. A few examples include Christian Dior, Christian Siriano and Christian Louboutin. 

Did we forget one of your favorite famous people named Christian? Just add them to the list!

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    Christian Bale

    Christian Charles Philip Bale (born 30 January 1974) is a Welsh actor who is known for his...  more

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    Christian Michael Leonard Slater (born August 18, 1969) is an American actor, voice actor, and...  more

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    Christian Dior

    Christian Dior (French pronunciation: ​[kʁistjɑ̃ djɔːʁ]; 21 January 1905 – 24 October 1957)...  more
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    Christian Vincent Siriano (born November 18, 1985) is an American fashion designer and member...  more

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    Christian Marie Serratos (born September 21, 1990) is an American actress who plays Rosita...  more

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    Christian Peter Coulson (born 3 October 1978) is an English actor best known for playing the...  more
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    Christian Louboutin (French: [kʁis.tjɑ̃ lu.bu.tɛ̃]; born 7 January 1964) is a French fashion...  more

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    Christian Camargo (né Minnick; born July 7, 1971) is an American actor, producer, writer, and...  more
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    Christian Oliver (born 3 March 1972) is a German actor.Oliver was born in Celle and grew up in...  more
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    Christian McCaffrey

    Christian Jackson McCaffrey (born June 7, 1996) is an American football running back and...  more
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    Christian Kane

    Christian Kane (born June 27, 1972) is an American actor and singer-songwriter. He is known...  more
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    William Jason Reso (born November 30, 1973) is a Canadian actor and retired professional...  more

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    Christian Donald Laettner (, LAYT-nər; born August 17, 1969) is a retired American basketball...  more

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    Christian Andrew Ponder (born February 25, 1988) is a former American football quarterback. He...  more

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    Christian Karembeu (French pronunciation: ​[kʁistjɑ̃ karɑ̃bø]; born 3 December 1970) is a...  more
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    Christian Vasquez

    Christian Oliver B. Vazquez (born February 8, 1977) is a Filipino actor, model and a former...  more
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    Christian Dannemann Eriksen (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰʁεstjæn ˈtænəmæn ˈeːˀɐ̯iksn̩]; born 14...  more
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    Christian Vieri

    Christian "Bobo" Vieri (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkristjam ˈbɔːbo ˈvjɛːri]; born 12 July 1973)...  more

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    Fletcher Christian Finnegan (born April 1, 1973), better known as Christian Finnegan, is an...  more
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    Christian Lealiifano (born 24 September 1987), is an Australian rugby player. He is of Samoan...  more
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    Christian Death is an American gothic rock band formed in Orange County, California, in 1979...  more
  • 22
    Christian Benteke Liolo (born 3 December 1990) is a Belgian professional footballer who plays...  more
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    Christian Abbiati (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkristjan abˈbjaːti]; born 8 July 1977) is an...  more
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    Christian Patrick Thomas (born May 26, 1992) is a Canadian professional ice hockey forward...  more
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    Christian Marie Marc Lacroix (French pronunciation: ​[kʁistjɑ̃ lakʁwa]; born 16 May 1951) is a...  more