Who Is The Most Famous Debbie or Deborah In The World?

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How many celebrities named Debbie can you think of? The famous Debbies below have many different professions, including notable actresses named Deborah, famous writers named Debbie, and even musicians named Debbie.

Debbie Harry is certainly one of the most famous Debbies on this list. One of the singers named Debbie, she is best known as the vocalist for Blondie. “Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” and One Way Or Another” are among the group's biggest hits.

Another of the famous people with the first name Debbie is Debbie Reynolds. She famously played Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain. She also starred in The Debbie Reynolds Show in 1969. Many know her for her role as Agatha Cromwell in Disney Channel's Halloweentown. Debbie Rush is another actress named Debbie. 

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