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Famous People Named Enrique

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Ever wondered how many famous people named Enrique there are? This list of celebrities named Enrique includes photos and information about each person when available. The famous Enriques on this list come in all shapes and sizes, but all ended up achieving some kind of fame in their respective fields. This includes singers and musicians named Enrique, actors named Enrique, and even athletes named Enrique. Well-known Enriques like Enrique Iglesias, Enrique Granados, and Enrique Gil are just the start of this list.
  • Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique Iglesias

    Record producer, Musician


    BirthplaceMadrid, Spain

    Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (born 8 May 1975) is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Enrique Granados

    Enrique Granados

    Painter, Pianist

    AgeDec. at 49 (1867-1916)

    BirthplaceLleida, Spain

    Enrique Granados Campiña (27 July 1867 – 24 March 1916) was a Spanish pianist and composer of... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Gil

    Enrique Gil

    Model, Actor


    BirthplaceCebu, Philippines

    Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V (born March 30, 1992) is a Filipino actor, and dancer. He has... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Camarena
    Enrique Camarena may refer to: Enrique Camarena Robles (born 1957), Mexican... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Bermúdez

    AgeDec. at 59 (1932-1991)

    BirthplaceLeón, Nicaragua

    Enrique Bermúdez Varela (December 11, 1932 – February 16, 1991), aka. Comandante 380, was a... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Peña Nieto

    Enrique Peña Nieto

    Politician, Lawyer


    BirthplaceAtlacomulco, Mexico

    Enrique Peña Nieto (Spanish pronunciation: [enˈrike ˈpeɲa ˈnjeto] (listen); born 20 July... more on Wikipedia

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  • Enrique González Martínez

    AgeDec. at 81 (1871-1952)

    BirthplaceGuadalajara, Mexico

    Enrique González Martínez (April 13, 1871 in Guadalajara, Jalisco – February 19, 1952 in... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique González

    Enrique González

    Baseball player


    BirthplaceCiudad Bolívar, Venezuela

    Enrique César González Lugo (born July 14, 1982 in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Olaya Herrera

    Enrique Olaya Herrera

    Statesman, Politician

    AgeDec. at 57 (1880-1937)

    BirthplaceGuateque, Colombia

    Enrique Alfredo Olaya Herrera (November 12, 1880 – February 18, 1937) was a Colombian... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique V. Iglesias

    Enrique V. Iglesias

    Politician, Economist


    BirthplaceArancedo, El Franco, Spain

    Enrique Valentín Iglesias García (born 29 March 1930 in Arancedo, Asturias) is an economist of... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Graf

    Enrique Graf

    Pianist, Professor


    BirthplaceMontevideo, Uruguay

    Enrique Graf is a Uruguayan born, American naturalized musician.
  • Enrique Urquijo

    AgeDec. at 39 (1960-1999)

    BirthplaceMadrid, Spain

    Enrique Urquijo (15 February 1960 – 17 November 1999) was a Spanish singer, songwriter, and... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Murciano


    BirthplaceUSA, Florida, Miami

    Enrique Ricardo Murciano (born July 9, 1973) is an American actor. He is known for his role... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique D Dussel

    Enrique D Dussel



    BirthplaceMendoza, Argentina

    Enrique Domingo Dussel Ambrosini is an Argentine-Mexican writer and philosopher.
  • Enrique Vila-Matas

    Enrique Vila-Matas



    BirthplaceBarcelona, Spain

    Enrique Vila-Matas (born March 31, 1948 in Barcelona) is a Spanish author. He has written... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Rambal

    Enrique Rambal

    Television director, Actor

    AgeDec. at 47 (1924-1971)

    BirthplaceValencia, Spain

    Enrique Rambal (8 May 1924 – 15 December 1971) was a Spanish film actor. He appeared in 68... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Hertzog

    Enrique Hertzog

    José Enrique Hertzog Garaizábal (La Paz, December 10, 1897 – Buenos Aires, December 18, 1981)... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique San Francisco


    BirthplaceMadrid, Spain

    Enrique San Francisco is an actor.
  • Enrique Peñaranda

    Enrique Peñaranda

    Enrique Peñaranda del Castillo (November 15, 1892 in La Paz, Bolivia – December 22, 1969 in... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Peñalosa

    Enrique Peñalosa

    Politician, Actor


    BirthplaceContiguous United States, United States of America, United States, with Territories, Area code 202

    Enrique Peñalosa Londoño (born September 30, 1954, Washington, DC) is a Colombian politician.... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Borja
    Enrique David Borja García (born 30 December 1945) is a Mexican former football striker who... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Bunbury

    Enrique Bunbury

    Film Score Composer, Musician


    BirthplaceZaragoza, Spain

    Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Izarduy (a.k.a. Enrique Bunbury), born 11 August 1967, is a Spanish... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Gómez Carrillo


    AgeDec. at 54 (1873-1927)

    BirthplaceGuatemala City, Guatemala

    Enrique Gómez Carrillo (February 27, 1873 in Guatemala City – November 29, 1927 in Paris) was... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Saura

    Enrique Saura

    Enrique Saura Gil (born 2 August 1954) is a Spanish retired footballer who played as an... more on Wikipedia
  • Enrique Egas