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Famous People Named Esther

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Ever wondered how many famous people named Esther there are? This list of celebrities named Esther includes photos and information about each person when available. The famous Esthers on this list come in all shapes and sizes, but all ended up achieving some kind of fame in their respective fields. This includes singers and musicians named Esther, actors named Esther, and even athletes named Esther. Well-known Esthers like Esther Williams, Esther Rolle, and Esther Cañadas are just the start of this list.
  • Esther Williams

    Esther Williams

    Businessperson, Actor

    AgeDec. at 92 (1921-2013)

    BirthplaceLos Angeles, Inglewood, California, USA

    Esther Jane Williams (August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013) was an American competitive swimmer and...  more
  • Esther Rolle

    AgeDec. at 78 (1920-1998)

    BirthplacePompano Beach, Florida, United States of America

    Esther Rolle (November 8, 1920 – November 17, 1998) was an American actress. Rolle is best...  more

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  • Esther Cañadas

    Esther Cañadas

    Fashion Model, Actor


    BirthplaceSpain, Albacete

    Esther Cañadas (Spanish pronunciation: [esˈteɾ kaˈɲaðas]; born 1 March 1977 in Albacete) is a...  more
  • Esther Rantzen

    Esther Rantzen

    Journalist, Television producer


    BirthplaceBerkhamsted, United Kingdom

    Dame Esther Louise Rantzen (born 22 June 1940) is an English journalist and television...  more
  • Esther Phillips

    AgeDec. at 49 (1935-1984)

    BirthplaceGalveston, Texas, United States of America

    Esther Phillips (born Esther Mae Jones; December 23, 1935 – August 7, 1984) was an American...  more

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  • Esther Anderson


    BirthplaceGeelong, Australia

    Esther Jackie Anderson (born 13 June 1979) is an Australian actress and model. She is best...  more
  • Esther McVey

    Esther McVey

    Television presenter, Businessperson


    BirthplaceLiverpool, United Kingdom

    Esther Louise McVey (born 24 October 1967) is a British Conservative Party politician serving...  more
  • Esther Schweins

    Esther Schweins

    Comedian, Actor


    BirthplaceOberhausen, Germany

    Esther Schweins (born 18 April 1970 in Oberhausen) is a German actress and comedian who became...  more
  • Esther Nubiola


    BirthplaceBarcelona, Spain

    Esther Nubiola is an actress....  more
  • Esther Bottomley

    Esther Bottomley

    Cross-country skier, Athlete


    BirthplaceTerang, Australia

    Esther Bottomley is a Cross Country Skier....  more
  • Esther Ralston

    AgeDec. at 92 (1902-1994)

    BirthplaceUSA, Bar Harbor, Maine

    Esther Ralston (née Esther Louise Worth; September 17, 1902 – January 14, 1994) was an...  more
  • Esther Duflo

    Professor, Economist


    BirthplaceParis, France

    Esther Duflo, FBA (French: [dyflo]; born 25 October 1972) is a French American economist,...  more
  • Esther Arroyo

    Esther Arroyo

    Model, Actor


    BirthplaceCádiz, Spain

    Esther Arroyo is a Spanish actress and model. She was Miss Spain 1990....  more
  • Esther Baxter

    Esther Baxter

    Model, Actor


    BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States of America

    Esther Baxter (born September 24, 1984) is an American model and actress....  more
  • Esther Friesner

    Esther Friesner

    Poet, Novelist


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Esther Mona Friesner-Stutzman, née Friesner (born July 16, 1951) is an American science...  more
  • Esther Jane Hall (born 28 August 1970) is an English actress who has appeared in a number of...  more
  • AgeDec. at 84 (1853-1937)

    BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands

    Esther De Boer-van Rijk was an actress....  more
  • Esther Howard

    AgeDec. at 73 (1892-1965)

    BirthplaceHelena, Montana, United States of America

    Esther Howard (4 April 1892 – 8 March 1965) was a stage and film character actress who played...  more
  • Esther Ku
    Esther Mary Ku (born February 17, 1980) is an American comedian, television personality, and...  more
  • Esther Scott


    BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA, California

    Esther Scott (born April 25, 1957 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress. She...  more
  • Esther M. Conwell

    Physicist, Professor


    BirthplaceNew York

    Esther Marley Conwell (May 23, 1922 – November 16, 2014) was a pioneering American chemist and...  more
  • Esther Dyson

    Esther Dyson

    Commentator, Journalist


    BirthplaceZürich, Switzerland

    Esther Dyson (born 14 July 1951) is a Swiss-born American journalist, author, businesswoman,...  more
  • Esther Lederberg

    AgeDec. at 84 (1922-2006)

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    Esther Miriam Zimmer Lederberg (December 18, 1922 – November 11, 2006) was an American...  more
  • Esther Canadas
  • Esther Dale

    AgeDec. at 76 (1885-1961)

    BirthplaceBeaufort, South Carolina, United States of America

    Esther Dale (November 10, 1885 – July 23, 1961) was an American actress, best known perhaps...  more