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Famous People Named Federico

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Who knew there were so many famous people named Federico in the world? Our list of celebrities named Federico includes pictures and information about each person when available, so you can get to know them a little better if you don't know them. The famous Federicos below come from all walks of life, but all ended up achieving fame or notoriety in one way or another. This list includes singers named Federico, actors named Federico, and much more. Federico Fellini, Federico García Lorca, and Federico Fazio are only a few of the well-known people named Federico on this list.
  • Federico Fellini

    Federico Fellini

    Screenwriter, Film Director

    AgeDec. at 73 (1920-1993)

    BirthplaceRimini, Italy

    Federico Fellini, (Italian: [fedeˈriːko felˈliːni]; 20 January 1920 – 31 October 1993) was an... more on Wikipedia

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  • Federico García Lorca

    Federico García Lorca

    Theatre Director, Painter

    AgeDec. at 38 (1898-1936)

    BirthplaceFuente Vaqueros, Spain

    Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca (Spanish pronunciation: [feðeˈɾiko ðel... more on Wikipedia

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  • Federico Fazio

    Federico Fazio



    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Federico Julián Fazio (American Spanish: [feðeˈɾiko ˈfasjo]; born 17 March 1987) is an... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Mompou

    Federico Mompou

    Pianist, Composer

    AgeDec. at 94 (1893-1987)

    BirthplaceBarcelona, Spain

    Frederic Mompou Dencausse (Catalan: [fɾəðəˈɾiɡ mumˈpow]; alternatively Federico Mompou; 16... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Delbonis

    Federico Delbonis

    Tennis player


    BirthplaceAzul, Argentina

    Federico Delbonis (Spanish pronunciation: [feðeˈɾiko ðelˈβonis]; born 5 October 1990) is an... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Marchetti


    BirthplaceBassano del Grappa, Italy

    Federico Marchetti (Italian pronunciation: [fedeˈriːko marˈketti]; born 7 February 1983) is an... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Macheda


    BirthplaceRome, Italy

    Federico Macheda (Italian pronunciation: [fedeˈriːko maˈkɛːda]; born 22 August 1991) is an... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Bahamontes

    Federico Bahamontes

    Actor, Professional Road Racing Cyclist


    BirthplaceSanto Domingo-Caudilla, Spain

    Federico Martín Bahamontes, born Alejandro Martín Bahamontes (pronounced [feðeˈɾiko maɾˈtin... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Castelluccio

    Painter, Film Producer


    BirthplaceNaples, Italy

    Federico Castelluccio (Italian pronunciation: [fedeˈriːko kastelˈluttʃo]; born April 29, 1964)... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Ágreda

    Federico Ágreda

    Record producer, Disc jockey


    BirthplaceBarquisimeto, Venezuela

    This artist uses Zardonic as one of his stage names. You may be looking for the word... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Moccia

    Screenwriter, Actor


    BirthplaceRome, Italy

    Federico Moccia is an Italian writer, screenwriter and film director. His father Giuseppe... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Tinoco Granados

    Federico Tinoco Granados

    Politician, Military Officer

    AgeDec. at 63 (1868-1931)

    BirthplaceCosta Rica

    General José Federico Alberto de Jesús Tinoco Granados (21 November 1868 – 7 September 1931)... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Higuaín


    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Federico Fernando Higuaín (Spanish: [feðeˈɾiko iɣwaˈin]; born 25 October 1984) is an Argentine... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Errázuriz Echaurren

    Federico Errázuriz Echaurren


    AgeDec. at 51 (1850-1901)

    BirthplaceSantiago, Chile

    Federico Errázuriz Echaurren ( Santiago, November 16,1850 - Valparaíso, July 12, 1901) was... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Errázuriz Zañartu

    Federico Errázuriz Zañartu


    AgeDec. at 52 (1825-1877)

    BirthplaceSantiago, Chile

    Federico Marcos del Rosario Errázuriz Zañartu (American Spanish: [feðeˈɾico eˈrasuɾis... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Capasso

    Professor, Scientist


    BirthplaceRome, Italy

    Federico Capasso (born 1949, Rome, Italy), a prominent applied physicist, was one of the... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Barocci
    Federico Barocci (c. 1535 in Urbino – 1612 in Urbino) was an Italian Renaissance painter and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Federico Luppi


    BirthplaceRamallo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Federico Luppi (Spanish pronunciation: [feðeˈɾiko lupi]; February 23, 1936 – October 20, 2017)... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Faggin

    Federico Faggin

    Physicist, Inventor


    BirthplaceVicenza, Italy

    Federico Faggin (born 1 December 1941) is an Italian-American physicist, engineer, inventor... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Aubele


    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Federico Aubele is an Argentine singer-songwriter whose music blends a variety of genres and... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Mancuello

    Federico Mancuello



    BirthplaceReconquista, Argentina

    Federico Andrés Mancuello (born 26 March 1989) is an Argentine footballer who plays as central... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Miranda
    Federico Miranda (Born January 20, 1976 in San Jose, Costa Rica) is the guitarist for the... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Laredo Brú

    Federico Laredo Brú

    Dr. Federico Laredo Brú (23 April 1875, Remedios, Las Villas, Cuba – 7 July 1946, Havana,... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Cantú Garza

    Federico Cantú Garza

    Sculptor, Painter

    AgeDec. at 82 (1907-1989)

    BirthplaceCadereyta Jiménez, Nuevo León, Mexico

    Federico Heraclio Cantú Garza (March 3, 1907 – January 29, 1989) was a Mexican painter,... more on Wikipedia
  • Federico Kammerichs

    Federico Kammerichs

    Basketball player


    BirthplaceGoya, Argentina

    Guillermo Federico Kammerichs (born June 21, 1980) is a former Argentine professional... more on Wikipedia