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Famous People Named Francis

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If your name is Francis, then you're in some great company. Here's our list of the most famous people named Francis, including photos when available. How many celebrities named Francis can you think of? The famous Francis' below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Francis, athletes named Francis, and even political figures named Francis. The music industry is no stranger to the name Francis, and the same can be said for Hollywood and show business in general.

Which famous people named Francis are worth mentioning? This list includes famed director Francis Ford Coppola, as well as Francis Bacon, Francis Drake, and more. To read more about these notable people named Francis, click the corresponding row of who you want to learn more about, and additional information will appear.

  • Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola

    Television director, Television producer


    BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States of America

    Francis Ford Coppola (, Italian: [ˈkɔppola]; born April 7, 1939) is an American film director,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Bacon

    Francis Bacon

    Statesman, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 65 (1561-1626)

    BirthplaceStrand, London, London, United Kingdom

    Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban, (; 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626) was an English... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Bacon

    Francis Bacon

    Visual Artist, Artist

    AgeDec. at 83 (1909-1992)

    BirthplaceRepublic of Ireland, Dublin

    Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Drake

    Francis Drake

    Pirate, Politician

    BirthplaceTavistock, Devon, England

    Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – 28 January 1596) was an English sea captain, privateer, slave... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Poulenc

    Francis Poulenc

    Pianist, Composer

    AgeDec. at 64 (1899-1963)

    BirthplaceParis, France

    Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc (French: [fʁɑ̃sis ʒɑ̃ maʁsɛl pulɛ̃k]; 7 January 1899 – 30 January... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Crick

    Francis Crick

    Physicist, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 88 (1916-2004)

    BirthplaceWeston Favell, United Kingdom

    Francis Harry Compton Crick (8 June 1916 – 28 July 2004) was a British molecular biologist,... more on Wikipedia


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  • Francis of Assisi

    Francis of Assisi

    Friar, Preacher

    BirthplaceAssisi, Italy

    Saint Francis of Assisi (Italian: San Francesco d'Assisi, Latin: Sanctus Franciscus... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Thompson

    AgeDec. at 48 (1859-1907)


    For others with this name, see Francis Thompson (disambiguation).Francis Thompson (16 December... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Galton

    Francis Galton

    Polymath, Inventor

    AgeDec. at 89 (1822-1911)

    BirthplaceBirmingham, United Kingdom

    Sir Francis Galton, FRS (; 16 February 1822 – 17 January 1911) was an English Victorian era... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Rossi

    Francis Rossi

    Guitarist, Songwriter


    BirthplaceForest Hill, London, London, United Kingdom

    Francis Dominic Nicholas Michael Rossi, OBE (born 29 May 1949) is an English singer,... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Scott Key

    Francis Scott Key

    Poet, Author

    AgeDec. at 64 (1779-1843)


    Francis Scott Key (August 1, 1779 – January 11, 1843) was an American lawyer, author, and... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Pope

    Francis Pope

    Screenwriter, Actor
    Francis Pope is an actor and screenwriter.
  • Francis Collins

    Francis Collins

    Geneticist, Scientist


    BirthplaceVirginia, United States of America

    Francis Sellers Collins (born April 14, 1950) is an American physician-geneticist who... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Magalona

    Francis Magalona

    Record producer, Songwriter

    AgeDied at 45 (1964-2009)

    BirthplaceMandaluyong, Philippines

    Francis Michael Durango Magalona (October 4, 1964 – March 6, 2009), also known as FrancisM,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Francis Lee Bailey


    BirthplaceWaltham, Massachusetts, United States of America

    Francis Lee Bailey Jr. (born June 10, 1933) is an American former criminal defense attorney... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Hopkinson

    Francis Hopkinson

    Author, Lawyer

    AgeDec. at 54 (1737-1791)

    BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Francis Hopkinson (September 21, 1737 – May 9, 1791) was an author and composer. He designed... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Lederer

    AgeDec. at 101 (1899-2000)

    BirthplacePrague, Czech Republic

    Francis Lederer (November 6, 1899 – May 25, 2000) was an Austrian-born American film and stage... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Capra


    BirthplaceNew York City, USA, New York

    Francis Capra (born April 27, 1983) is an American actor. He has portrayed Calogero Anello in... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Urquhart
    Francis Ewan Urquhart is a fictional character created by Michael Dobbs. Urquhart is the main... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Lawrence

    Francis Lawrence

    Television director, Television producer


    BirthplaceVienna, Austria

    Francis Lawrence (born March 26, 1971) is an American filmmaker and producer. After... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Lightfoot Lee
    Francis Lightfoot Lee (October 14, 1734 – January 11, 1797) was a member of the House of... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Benali

    Francis Benali



    BirthplaceSouthampton, United Kingdom

    Francis Vincent Benali (born 30 December 1968) is an English former professional footballer... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Robbins Upton

    Francis Robbins Upton

    Mathematician, Physicist

    AgeDec. at 69 (1852-1921)

    BirthplacePeabody, Massachusetts

    Francis Robbins Upton (1852 in Peabody, Massachusetts – March 10, 1921 in Orange, New Jersey)... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Goya (born François Edouard Weyer; 16 May 1946) is a Belgian classical guitar player... more on Wikipedia
  • Francis Lewis
    Francis Lewis (March 21, 1713 – December 31, 1802) was a merchant and signer of the United... more on Wikipedia

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