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Who Is The Most Famous Harry In The World?

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How many celebrities named Harry can you think of? The famous Harrys below have many different professions, including notable actors named Harry, athletes named Harry, famous singers named Harry, and even one of America's presidents, Harry S. Truman. Also included on this list is illusionist and magician Harry Houdini.

Harry Styles is of course one of the most famous Harrys on this list. He was originally a member of the extremely popular boy band One Direction, before breaking off to pursue his solo career. He has also dabbled in acting, showing off his chops in Christopher Nolan's war epic Dunkirk.

Another of the famous people with the first name Harry is voice actor Harry Shearer. If you've watched The Simpsons, you'll recognize his voice, as he portrays multiple Springfield residents including Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, and Kent Brockman.

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List Rules: Vote up all of the famous Harrys you've heard of.