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Famous People Named Hendrik

Updated October 13, 2018 88 items
Who knew there were so many famous people named Hendrik in the world? Our list of celebrities named Hendrik includes pictures and information about each person when available, so you can get to know them a little better if you don't know them. The famous Hendriks below come from all walks of life, but all ended up achieving fame or notoriety in one way or another. This list includes singers named Hendrik, actors named Hendrik, and much more. Hendrik Verwoerd, Hendrik Bouman, and Hendrik Lorentz are only a few of the well-known people named Hendrik on this list.
  • Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd ([fə'vu:rt]; 8 September 1901 – 6 September 1966) was a South African...  more
  • Hendrik "Henk" Bouman (born 29 September 1951, Dordrecht) is a Dutch harpsichordist,...  more

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  • Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (; 18 July 1853 – 4 February 1928) was a Dutch physicist who shared the...  more
  • Hendrik Wade Bode

    Mathematician, Physicist
    Hendrik Wade Bode ( boh-dee; Dutch: [ˈbodə]) (December 24, 1905 – June 21, 1982) was an...  more
  • Hendrik S. Houthakker

    Scientist, Economist
    Hendrik Samuel Houthakker (December 31, 1924 – April 15, 2008) was a prominent American...  more
  • Hendrik Willem van Loon

    Journalist, Historian
    Hendrik Willem van Loon (January 14, 1882 – March 11, 1944) was a Dutch-American historian,...  more
  • Hendrik Hertzberg

    Editor, Commentator
    Hendrik Hertzberg (born 1943) is an American liberal journalist, best known as the principal...  more
  • Hendrik Christoffel "Henk" van de Hulst (19 November 1918 – 31 July 2000) was a Dutch...  more
  • Hendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir ForMemRS (July 15, 1909 – May 4, 2000) was a Dutch physicist...  more
  • Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman

    Graphic Designer
    Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (commonly called H.N. Werkman; 29 April 1882 – 10 April 1945) was an...  more
  • Hendrik van Riessen

    Professor, Philosopher
    Hendrik Van Riessen (17 August 1911, in Bloemendaal, North Holland – 28 February 2000, in...  more
  • Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas Muller

    Businessperson, Diplomat
    Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas "Henk" Muller, GON, RNL, FRGS (2 April 1859 – 11 August 1941) was a...  more
  • H. W. Bakhuis Roozeboom (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɛndrɪk ˈʋɪləm ˈbɑkɦœy̯s ˈroːzəˌboːm], October...  more
  • Hendrik Brouwer ([ˈbrʌu̯ər]; 1581 – 7 August 1643) was a Dutch explorer and governor of the...  more
  • Hendrik van Gent

    Hendrik van Gent (14 September 1899, Pernis – March 29, 1947, Amsterdam) was a Dutch...  more
  • Hendrik Brugmans (13 December 1906 in Amsterdam – 12 March 1997 in Bruges) also known as...  more
  • Hendrick Goltzius, or Hendrik, (German: [ˈgɔltsi̯ʊs]; Dutch: [ˈɣɔltsʲiœs]; January or February...  more
  • Hendrik Conscience

    Henri (Hendrik) Conscience (3 December 1812 – 10 September 1883) was a Belgian author. He is...  more
  • Hendrik Martz is a German actor....  more
  • Hendrik Feldwehr

    Soldier, Swimmer
    Hendrik Feldwehr is a German swimmer from Bremerhaven....  more
  • Hendrik Petrus Berlage

    Hendrik Petrus Berlage was a prominent Dutch architect....  more
  • Hendrik Roodt

    Rugby Player
    Hendrik Roodt is a South African rugby union footballer. His regular playing position is Lock....  more
  • Hendrik Timmer

    Tennis player
    Hendrik ("Henk") Timmer (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɛn.drɪk ˈtɪmər.]; 8 February 1904 – 13...  more
  • Hendrik Andriessen

    Hendrik Franciscus Andriessen (17 September 1892 in Haarlem – 12 April 1981 in Haarlem) was a...  more