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Who Is The Most Famous Howard In The World?

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How many celebrities named Howard can you think of? The famous Howards below have many different professions, including notable actors named Howard, famous musicians named Howard, and even athletes named Howard.

Howard Stern is certainly one of the most famous Howards on this list. One of the famous TV personalities named Howard, he was a judge on America's Got Talent from 2012 to 2015. His syndicated radio program The Howard Stern Show ran from 1986 to 2005.

Another of the famous people with the first name Howard is Howie Mandel. He is a comedian and the host of Deal or No Deal. He also provided the voice of Gizmo in the Gremlins films.

Did we forget one of your favorite famous people named Howard? Just add them to the list!

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    Howard Stern


    BirthplaceJackson Heights, Queens, New York, USA

    Howard Allan Stern is an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer. He is best known for his radio show, which was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2005....  more

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    Howie Mandel


    BirthplaceWillowdale, Toronto, Canada

    Howard Michael Mandel (born November 29, 1955) is a Canadian comedian, actor and television host. He hosted the CNBC game show Deal or No Deal, as well as the show's daytime and Canadian-English...  more

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    Howard Dean


    BirthplaceEast Hampton, New York, USA

    Howard Brush Dean III (born November 17, 1948) is an American physician, author, and retired politician who served as Governor of Vermont from 1991 to 2003 and Chair of the Democratic National...  more

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    Howard Hughes


    BirthplaceHumble, Texas, United States of America

    Howard Robard Hughes Jr. (December 24, 1905 – April 5, 1976) was an American business magnate, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, and philanthropist, known during his lifetime...  more

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    Howie Long


    BirthplaceCharlestown, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

    Howard Matthew Moses Long (born January 6, 1960) is an American former National Football League (NFL) defensive end, actor, and current sports analyst. He played in the NFL for 13 seasons and spent...  more

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    Howard Hawks


    BirthplaceGoshen, Indiana, United States of America

    Howard Winchester Hawks (May 30, 1896 – December 26, 1977) was an American film director, producer and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood era. Critic Leonard Maltin called him "the greatest...  more


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    Howard Morris


    BirthplaceNew York, New York, USA

    Alternative NameHoward Morris

    Howard Jerome Morris (September 4, 1919 – May 21, 2005) was an American actor, voice actor and director who was best known for his role in The Andy Griffith Show as Ernest T. Bass, and as "Uncle...  more
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    Howie Epstein


    BirthplaceMilwaukee, Wisconsin

    Howard Norman Epstein (July 21, 1955 – February 23, 2003) was an American musician best known as a bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers....  more
  • 9

    Howard Jones


    BirthplaceSouthampton, United Kingdom

    John Howard Jones (born 23 February 1955) is an English singer, musician and songwriter. He had ten top 40 hit singles in the UK between 1983 and 1986; six of those 10 singles reached the top ten,...  more

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    Howard Keel


    BirthplaceGillespie, Illinois, United States of America

    Harry Clifford Keel (April 13, 1919 – November 7, 2004), known professionally as Howard Keel, was an American actor and singer with a rich bass-baritone singing voice. He starred in a number of MGM...  more


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    Howard Cosell


    BirthplaceUSA, North Carolina, Winston-Salem

    Howard William Cosell (; né Cohen; March 25, 1918 – April 23, 1995) was an American sports journalist and author, who was prominent and influential on radio, television and print media from the early...  more

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    Howard Hesseman


    BirthplaceLebanon, Oregon, United States of America

    Alternative NameDon Sturdy, Howard Hesseman

    Howard Hesseman (born February 27, 1940) is an American actor best known for playing DJ Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati, Captain Pete Lassard in Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, Sam...  more

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    Howard Rollins


    BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States of America

    Alternative NameHoward E. Rollins Jr., Howard Rollins, Howard Rollins Jr.

    Howard Ellsworth Rollins Jr. (October 17, 1950 – December 8, 1996) was an American stage, film and television actor. Howard Rollins was best known for his role as Andrew Young in 1978's King, George...  more
  • 14

    Howie Dorough


    BirthplaceUSA, Florida, Orlando

    Howard Dwaine Dorough (born August 22, 1973) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known as a member of American music group Backstreet Boys....  more

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    Howard Zinn


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) was an American historian, playwright, and socialist thinker. He was chair of the history and social sciences department at Spelman College, and a...  more
  • 16

    Howard Duff


    BirthplaceBremerton, Washington, USA

    Howard Green Duff (November 24, 1913 – July 8, 1990) was an American actor of film, television, stage, and radio....  more
  • 17

    Howard Jacobson


    BirthplaceManchester, United Kingdom

    Howard Eric Jacobson (born 25 August 1942) is a British novelist and journalist. He is known for writing comic novels that often revolve around the dilemmas of British Jewish characters. He is a Man...  more
  • 18

    Howard Shore


    BirthplaceToronto, Canada

    Howard Leslie Shore (born October 18, 1946) is a Canadian composer who is notable for his film scores. He has composed the scores for over 80 films, most notably the scores for The Lord of the Rings...  more

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    Howie Day


    BirthplaceBangor, Maine, United States of America

    Howard Kern "Howie" Day (born January 15, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late 1990s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert...  more
  • 20

    Howard Alden


    BirthplaceCalifornia, Newport Beach, Contiguous United States, United States of America, Orange County

    Howard Vincent Alden (born October 17, 1958) is an American jazz guitarist born in Newport Beach, California. Alden has recorded many albums for Concord Records, including four with seven-string...  more
  • 21

    Howard Ashman


    BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland

    Howard Elliott Ashman (May 17, 1950 – March 14, 1991) was an American playwright and lyricist. He collaborated with Alan Menken on several works and is most widely known for several animated feature...  more
  • 22

    Howard Donald


    BirthplaceDroylsden, United Kingdom

    Howard Paul Donald (born 28 April 1968) is an English singer, songwriter, drummer, pianist, dancer and record producer. He is a member of English pop-group Take That and a judge on the German reality...  more
  • 23

    Howard Shelley

    Howard Gordon Shelley (born 9 March 1950) is a British pianist and conductor. He was educated at Highgate School and the Royal College of Music. He is married to fellow pianist Hilary Macnamara,...  more
  • 24

    Howard Nemerov


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    Howard Nemerov (February 29, 1920 – July 5, 1991) was an American poet. He was twice Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, from 1963 to 1964 and again from 1988 to 1990. For...  more
  • 25

    Howard Da Silva


    BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio, United States of America

    Howard Da Silva (born Howard Silverblatt, May 4, 1909 – February 16, 1986) was an American actor, director and musical performer on stage, film, television and radio. He was cast in dozens of...  more
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