Famous People Named Ida

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Ever thought about how many famous people named Ida are out there? This list of celebrities named Ida will show you the most prominent people with that name, along with pictures and additional information about them when available. The famous Idas below include actors named Ida and athletes named Ida, but this list also includes doctors, teachers, or politicians named Ida who are notable in their fields. Some of the notable Idas below include Ida Lupino, Ida Ljungqvist, and Ida B. Wells.
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    BirthplaceGianyar Regency, Indonesia


    Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung (old spelling: Ide Anak Agoeng Gde Agoeng; 21 July 1921 – 22 April 1999) was an Indonesian politician and the Raja of Gianyar, Bali.  ...more
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    Ida is an indie rock band from New York City. They are known for their three-part harmonies; sparse, minimal, often quiet arrangements; and their three singer-songwriters. Their music shows strong  ...more

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    BirthplaceJanakkala, Finland


    Ida Aalberg (4 December 1857 – 17 January 1915) was the most notable and internationally known Finnish actress of her time.  ...more
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    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Louise Altman (born 1950) is an American historian of colonial Spain and Latin America. Her book Emigrants and Society received the 1990 Herbert E. Bolton Prize of the Conference on Latin  ...more
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    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Applebroog (born November 11, 1929) is an American multi-media artist who is best-known for her paintings and sculptures that explore the themes of gender, sexual identity, violence and politics.  ...more
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    BirthplaceHolly Springs, Mississippi

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (July 16, 1862 – March 25, 1931) was an African-American investigative journalist, educator, and an early leader in the civil rights movement. She was one of the founders of  ...more

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    BirthplaceMannar, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

    Ida Carmelitta or Farheen Ida Carmelitta Laila Figerardo was a minority Sri Lankan Tamil woman who was gang raped and killed on 12 July 1999 and became a cause célèbre of the Sri Lankan civil war.  ...more
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    BirthplaceFlorence, Italy

    NationalityUnited Kingdom

    Ida Copeland (née Fenzi; born 15 April 1881 – 29 June 1964) was an Anglo-Italian British politician. She was active in social welfare both locally and nationally, particularly the Girl Guides, and  ...more
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    BirthplaceAarhus, Denmark


    Ida Corr (born 14 March 1977 in Århus, Denmark) is a Danish singer, songwriter and music producer.  ...more
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    BirthplaceToccoa, Georgia, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Cox (born Ida M. Prather, February 26, 1888 or 1896 – November 10, 1967) was an American singer and vaudeville performer, best known for her blues performances and recordings. She was billed as  ...more
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    Ida Irene Dalser (20 August 1880 – 3 December 1937) was the first wife of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.  ...more
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    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Darling (February 23, 1880 – June 5, 1936) was an American actress of the stage and in silent motion pictures.   ...more
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    Ida Faubert (Christian first name Gertrude Florentine Félicitée Ida) (14 February 1882, in Port-au-Prince – 1969, in Joinville-le-Pont) was a Haitian writer, daughter of the former president of  ...more
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    BirthplaceZbarazh, Ukraine


    Ida Fink (Hebrew: אידה פינק‎, 1 November 1921 – 27 September 2011) was a Polish-Israeli author who wrote about the Holocaust in Polish.  ...more
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    BirthplaceSestola, Italy

    NationalityKingdom of Italy, Italy

    Ida Galli is an Italian film actress best known for her roles in spaghetti western and giallo films in the 1960s and 1970s. Galli has appeared under several pseudonyms, including Arianna, Evelyn  ...more
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    Ida Gearon is an American set and film costume designer and wife of actor Bruce Campbell. Campbell and Gearon met on the set of 1990 sci-fi horror film Mindwarp and were married soon after. This led  ...more
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    Ida Gerhardt (11 May 1905, Gorinchem – 15 August 1997, Warnsveld) was a classicist and Dutch poet of a post-symbolist tradition.  ...more
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    BirthplaceSveg, Sweden


    Ida Maria Erika Ingemarsdotter (born 26 April 1985) is a Swedish cross-country skier who has been competing since 2003. She finished eighth in the individual sprint at the 2007 FIS Nordic World Ski  ...more
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    BirthplaceEurope, Eurasia, Miskolc, Hungary, Austria-Hungary


    Hungarian born Ida Jenbach was a playwright and screenwriter for German and Austrian cinema during the 1920s. She was one of the authors of the spirited farce Opera Ball that appeared at the Little  ...more
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    BirthplaceOdessa, Ukraine


    Ida Kamińska (September 18, 1899 – May 21, 1980) was a Polish actress and director. Known mainly for her work in the theatre, she was the daughter of Ester Rachel Kamińska who was known as the Mother  ...more
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    NationalityRussia, Russian Empire

    Ida Kitaeva Raphael was an actress.
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    BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Ida Rittenberg Kohlmeyer (3 November 1912 – 29 January 1997) was an American painter and sculptor who lived and worked in Louisiana. Kohlmeyer took up painting in her 30s and achieved wide  ...more
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    BirthplaceEurope, Austria, Vienna, Central Europe


    Ida Laura Pfeiffer (14 October 1797, Vienna – 27 October 1858, Vienna), née Reyer, was an Austrian traveler and travel book author. She was one of the first female explorers, whose popular books were  ...more
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    Ida Louisa Lee, (11 February 1865 — 3 October 1943), historian and poet, was born at Kelso, New South Wales. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (F.R.G.S.) in 1914 and an  ...more
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    BirthplaceCamberwell, London, United Kingdom

    NationalityUnited States of America, England

    Ida Lupino (4 February 1918 – 3 August 1995) was an English-American actress, singer, director, and producer. She is widely regarded as one of the most prominent, and one of the only, female  ...more

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