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Who Is The Most Famous Kevin In The World?

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How many celebrities named Kevin can you think of? The famous Kevins below have many different professions, including notable actors named Kevin, famous athletes named Kevin, directors named Kevin, comedians named Kevin, rappers named Kevin, and more. This list has every famous Kevin you can think of, from Kevin Costner to Kevin Jonas.

Kevin Smith is definitely one of the most famous Kevins on this list. Known for creating his own cinematic universe (called the "View Askewniverse"), Smith's films often feature the same roster of characters. He is best known for his indie low-budget hit Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. Smith has even acted in his own films, playing the role of Silent Bob in the duo of Jay and Silent Bob.

Another of the famous people with the first name Kevin is Kevin Garnett. He's one of the most popular NBA players named Kevin. He played 21 consecutive seasons in the NBA, considered one of the greatest power forwards of all time. He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Boston Celtics, and the Brooklyn Nets. In 2019, he played a fictionalized version of himself in the Safdie Brothers' film Uncut Gems.

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  • Kevin Hart1

    Kevin Hart


    BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

    Kevin Darnell Hart (born July 6, 1979) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer....  more

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  • Kevin Bacon2

    Kevin Bacon


    BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Kevin Norwood Bacon (born July 8, 1958) is an American actor and musician. His films include...  more

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  • Kevin Costner3

    Kevin Costner


    BirthplaceLynwood, California, United States of America

    Kevin Michael Costner (born January 18, 1955) is an American actor, director, producer, and...  more

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  • Kevin Spacey4

    Kevin Spacey


    BirthplaceSouth Orange, New Jersey, United States of America

    Kevin Spacey Fowler (born July 26, 1959) is an American actor, producer, and singer. Spacey...  more

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  • Kevin James5

    Kevin James


    BirthplaceMineola, New York, United States of America

    Kevin James (born April 26, 1965) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer....  more

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  • Kevin Smith6

    Kevin Smith


    BirthplaceRed Bank, New Jersey, United States of America

    Kevin Patrick Smith (born August 2, 1970) is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic...  more

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  • Kevin Durant7

    Kevin Durant


    BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States of America

    Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for...  more

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  • Kevin Kline8

    Kevin Kline


    BirthplaceUSA, St. Louis, Missouri

    Kevin Delaney Kline (born October 24, 1947) is an American actor and singer. He has won an...  more

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  • Kevin Jonas9

    Kevin Jonas


    BirthplaceTeaneck, New Jersey, USA

    Paul Kevin Jonas II (born November 5, 1987) is an American musician, singer, songwriter,...  more

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  • Kevin Connolly10

    Kevin Connolly


    BirthplacePatchogue, USA, New York

    Kevin Connolly (born March 5, 1974) is an American actor and director. He is best known for...  more

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  • Kevin Garnett11

    Kevin Garnett


    BirthplaceGreenville, South Carolina, United States of America

    Kevin Maurice Garnett (born May 19, 1976) is an American former professional basketball player...  more

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  • Kevin Nealon12

    Kevin Nealon


    BirthplaceUSA, St. Louis, Missouri

    Kevin Nealon (; born November 18, 1953) is an American comedian and actor. He was a cast...  more

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  • Kevin Parker13

    Kevin Parker


    BirthplaceSydney, Australia

    Kevin Richard Parker is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic rock musician,...  more

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  • Kevin Federline14

    Kevin Federline


    BirthplaceUSA, California, Fresno

    Kevin Earl Federline (born March 21, 1978), sometimes referred to as K-Fed, is an American...  more

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  • Kevin Love15

    Kevin Love


    BirthplaceSanta Monica, California, United States of America

    Kevin Wesley Love (born September 7, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for...  more

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  • Kevin Nash16

    Kevin Nash


    BirthplaceMichigan, USA, Detroit

    Kevin Scott Nash (born July 9, 1959) is an American professional wrestler, actor and former...  more

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  • Kevin Corrigan17

    Kevin Corrigan


    BirthplaceNew York City, USA, New York

    Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan (born March 27, 1969) is an American actor. He has appeared mostly...  more

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  • Kevin Michael McHale18

    Kevin Michael McHale


    BirthplacePlano, Texas, USA

    Kevin Michael McHale (born June 14, 1988) is an American actor, singer, dancer and radio...  more


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  • Kevin McHale19

    Kevin McHale


    BirthplaceHibbing, Minnesota, United States of America

    Kevin McHale may refer to: Kevin McHale (footballer) (born 1939), former English professional...  more

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  • Kevin Sorbo20

    Kevin Sorbo


    BirthplaceMound, Minnesota, United States of America

    Kevin David Sorbo (born September 24, 1958) is an American actor. He had starring roles in...  more


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  • Kevin Youkilis21

    Kevin Youkilis


    BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

    Kevin Edmund Youkilis (; born March 15, 1979), also known as "Youk" , is an American former...  more

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  • Kevin Dillon22

    Kevin Dillon


    BirthplaceUSA, New York, New Rochelle

    Kevin Brady Dillon (born August 19, 1965) is an American actor. He is best known for...  more

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  • Kevin Rahm23

    Kevin Rahm


    BirthplaceMineral Wells, Texas, USA

    Kevin Rahm (born January 7, 1971) is an American actor known for his television roles as Kyle...  more
  • Kevin De Bruyne24

    Kevin De Bruyne


    BirthplaceDrongen, Belgium

    Kevin De Bruyne (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkɛvɪn də ˈbrœynə]; born 28 June 1991) is a Belgian...  more

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  • Kevin McKidd25

    Kevin McKidd


    BirthplaceElgin, United Kingdom

    Kevin McKidd (born 9 August 1973) is a Scottish television and film actor, director, and...  more

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