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Famous People Named Mika

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Ever thought about how many famous people named Mika are out there? This list of celebrities named Mika will show you the most prominent people with that name, along with pictures and additional information about them when available. The famous Mikas below include actors named Mika and athletes named Mika, but this list also includes doctors, teachers, or politicians named Mika who are notable in their fields. Some of the notable Mikas below include Mika Zibanejad, Mika, and Mika Tan.
  • Mika Zibanejad

    Mika Zibanejad

    Ice Hockey Player, Athlete


    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

    Mika Zibanejad (Persian: میکا زیبانژاد‎; born 18 April 1993) is a Swedish-Iranian professional...  more
  • Mika Nakashima

    Mika Nakashima

    Model, Actor


    BirthplaceHioki, Japan

    Mika Nakashima (中島 美嘉, Nakashima Mika, born February 19, 1983) is a Japanese singer and...  more

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  • Mika Brzezinski

    Mika Brzezinski



    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski Scarborough (; born May 2, 1967) is an American journalist, talk...  more

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  • Mika Häkkinen

    Mika Häkkinen

    Race car driver


    BirthplaceVantaa, Finland

    Mika Pauli Häkkinen (Finnish: [ˈmikɑ ˈhækːinen] (listen); born 28 September 1968), nicknamed...  more
  • Mika Newton
    Oksana Stefanivna Hrytsay, (Ukrainian: Оксана Стефанівна Грицай; born on 5 March 1986),...  more
  • Mika Singh

    Mika Singh

    Film Score Composer, Singer


    BirthplaceDurgapur, India

    Mika Singh is an Indian playback singer and live performer. Amongst a wide catalogue of songs,...  more
  • Mika Ela Fisher

    Mika Ela Fisher

    Model, Actor

    BirthplaceMunich, Germany

    Mika Ela Fisher is an actress....  more
  • Mika Boorem


    BirthplaceTucson, Arizona, United States of America

    Mika Sue Boorem (born August 18, 1987) is an American actress and director. She began her...  more
  • Mika Akino
    Mika Akino (秋野 美佳, Akino Mika), better known as AKINO, (born October 24, 1973 in Tokyo, Japan)...  more
  • Mika Myllylä
    Mika Kristian Myllylä (12 September 1969 – 5 July 2011) was a Finnish cross-country skier who...  more
  • Mika Nagano (長野 美香, Nagano Mika, born (1983-12-29)December 29, 1983) is a Japanese female...  more
  • Mika Waltari

    Mika Waltari

    Novelist, Writer

    AgeDec. at 71 (1908-1979)

    BirthplaceHelsinki, Finland

    Mika Toimi Waltari (pronunciation ) (19 September 1908 – 26 August 1979) was a Finnish writer,...  more
  • Mika Antić

    Mika Antić

    Painter, Poet

    AgeDec. at 54 (1932-1986)

    BirthplaceMokrin, Serbia

    Miroslav "Mika" Antić (Serbian Cyrillic: Мирослав "Мика" Антић; 14 March 1932 – 24 June 1986)...  more
  • Mika Kikuchi

    Mika Kikuchi

    Actor, Voice acting


    BirthplaceMisato, Japan

    Mika Kikuchi (菊地 美香, Kikuchi Mika, born December 16, 1983) is a Japanese actress, voice...  more
  • Mika Karppinen

    Mika Karppinen

    Guitarist, Musician


    BirthplaceEskilstuna, Sweden

    Mika Kristian Karppinen, better known as Gas Lipstick (born 8 February 1971), is a...  more
  • Mika Kanai

    Mika Kanai

    Actor, Voice acting


    BirthplaceJapan, Setagaya

    Mika Kanai (金井 美香(かない みか), Kanai Mika, born March 18, 1964) is a Japanese voice actress and...  more
  • Mika Doi

    Mika Doi

    Actor, Voice acting


    BirthplaceSendai, Japan

    Mika Doi (土井 美加, Doi Mika, born August 4, 1954) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and...  more
  • Mika Luttinen

    Mika Luttinen




    Mika Luttinen is a Finnish-born vocalist and lyricist who, in 1990, formed the Finnish black...  more
  • Mika Poutala

    Mika Poutala

    Athlete, Speed Skater


    BirthplaceHelsinki, Finland

    Mika Poutala is a speed skater....  more
  • Mika Saeki

    Mika Saeki



    BirthplaceTochigi, Japan

    Mika Saeki was a member of the musical group AKB48....
  • Mika Komori

    Mika Komori



    BirthplaceAichi Prefecture, Japan

    Mika Komori is a member of the musical group, AKB48....
  • Mika Kaurismäki

    Mika Kaurismäki

    Film Producer, Screenwriter


    BirthplaceFinland, Orimattila

    Mika Juhani Kaurismäki (Finnish: [ˈmikɑ ˈkɑurismæki]; born 21 September 1955) is a Finnish...  more
  • Mika Ozawa

    Mika Ozawa

    Short Track Speed Skater


    BirthplaceShiojiri, Japan

    Mika Ozawa is a short track speed skater....  more
  • Mika Tauriainen



    Mika Tauriainen (born 5 January 1975 Sweden) is a Finnish vocalist. He is currently a member...  more