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Famous People Named Mustafa

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Who knew there were so many famous people named Mustafa in the world? Our list of celebrities named Mustafa includes pictures and information about each person when available, so you can get to know them a little better if you don't know them. The famous Mustafas below come from all walks of life, but all ended up achieving fame or notoriety in one way or another. This list includes singers named Mustafa, actors named Mustafa, and much more. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Mustafa Sandal, and Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin are only a few of the well-known people named Mustafa on this list.
  • Statesman, Politician

    AgeDec. at 57 (1881-1938)

    BirthplaceThessaloniki, Greece


    Kemal Atatürk (until 1934: Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Ottoman Turkish: مصطفى كمال پاشا‎; after 1935: Kamâl Atatürk; 19 May 1881 (conventional) – 10 November 1938), commonly referred to as Mustafa Kemal  ...more

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  • Record producer, Businessperson


    BirthplaceIstanbul, Turkey


    Mustafa Sandal (born 11 January 1970) is a Turkish singer-songwriter. At the beginning of the 1990s, he wrote and composed a number of songs for other singers and made a reputation for himself in the  ...more
  • AgeDec. at 63 (1942-2006)


    Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin (June 20, 1942 – May 17, 2006) was a Turkish supreme court magistrate, who was shot dead in the Turkish Council of State courtroom in Ankara, Turkey on May 17, 2006 by  ...more
  • Mustafa Bouyali (Ar. مصطفى بويعلي) was the leader of the Algerian Islamic Armed Movement, a guerrilla group based around Larbaa south of Algiers, from 1982 to 1987. Born in 1940, Bouyali fought for  ...more
  • Politician

    AgeDec. at 38 (1883-1921)


    Mustafa Suphi (1883 - 28 January 1921) was a Turkish revolutionary communist militant leader.  ...more
  • Wrestler

    BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Jamal Mustafa (born Terrance Ladd Blalock; May 6, 1966) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Mustafa Saed. He is best known for his appearances with Smokey Mountain  ...more
  • Mustafa Zaidi (Urdu: مصطفیٰ زیدی‎) (1930–1970), Born Syed Mustafa Hasnain Zaidi, was a Pakistani Urdu poet.   ...more
  • Mustafadeen Abdush "Mustafa" Shakur (born August 18, 1984) is an American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Blue of the NBA G League . He played college basketball for the  ...more
  • Mustafa Rahi, (1931–1986) was a poet of classical and neo classical Urdu Ghazal from Pakistan. He remained out of the lime light all his life. A selection of his works was published in 1993 by  ...more
  • Soccer Player


    BirthplaceJeddah, Saudi Arabia

    NationalitySaudi Arabia

    Mustafa Mahdi Al-Bassas is a Saudi professional football player. He currently plays for Al-Ahli.  ...more
  • Politician

    AgeDec. at 75 (1903-1979)

    BirthplaceIraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

    Mustafa Barzani (Kurdish: مسته‌فا بارزانی‎, romanized: Mistefa Barzanî) (March 14, 1903 – March 1, 1979) also known as Mala Mustafa (Preacher Mustafa), was a Kurdish nationalist leader, and one of  ...more
  • Mustafa Kandıralı is a Turkish clarinetist of gypsy and Turkish folk music.  ...more
  • Comedian, Actor


    BirthplaceBosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka

    NationalityBosnia and Herzegovina

    Mustafa Nadarević (born 2 May 1943) is a Bosnian film, theatre and television actor and comedian.  ...more
  • AgeDec. at 51 (1949-2000)

    Mustafa Metwalli (Arabic: مصطفى متولي‎) (born 1949 — died 5 August 2000) was a popular Egyptian movie and stage actor. He was primarily a comedian, but he played many different roles in Drama .  ...more
  • Author, Physician

    AgeDec. at 87 (1921-2009)

    BirthplaceNorth Africa, Egypt, Shibin Al Kawm, Al Minufiyah, Africa


    Mustafa Kamal Mahmoud Hussein (Arabic: مصطفى كمال محمود حسين‎; 25 December 1921 – 31 October 2009) commonly known as Mustafa Mahmoud (Arabic: مصطفى محمود‎) was an Egyptian doctor, philosopher, and  ...more
  • Age81

    BirthplaceHyderabad, Pakistan


    Mustafa Qureshi (Urdu: مصطفی قریشی, Sindhi: مُصطفي قريشي) is a Pakistani film and television actor. Born into a Sindhi family, despite his later prominence mainly in Punjabi cinema, he has acted in  ...more
  • Age58

    BirthplaceTurkey, Gaziantep


    Mustafa Avkıran is an actor.  ...more
  • Television director, Film Producer


    BirthplaceTurkey, Ünye


    Mustafa Altıoklar (born 1958) is a Turkish film director, producer and screenwriter. He is the chairman of the Turkish Film Directors Association and is fluent in English. Although he graduated from  ...more
  • Televangelist, Preacher



    Mustafa Hosny (born 28 August 1978) is an Islamic preacher and televangelist from Egypt. He makes videos on YouTube explaining the Hadith and stories from the Quaran.  ...more
  • Age34

    BirthplaceNovi Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    NationalityGermany,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Yugoslavia

    Mustafa Kučuković (born 5 November 1986) is a German former footballer of Bosnian descent.  ...more
  • Politician, Professor


    BirthplaceTripoli, Libya


    Mustafa A.G. Abushagur is a Libyan politician, professor of electrical engineering, university president and entrepreneur. He served as interim Deputy Prime Minister of Libya from 22 November 2011 to  ...more
  • Mustafa Hassan Mohamed (Somali: Mustafa Xasan Maxamed, Arabic: مصطفى حسن محمد‎) (born 1 March 1979) is a Somali-Swedish long-distance runner who mainly competes in the 3000 meter steeplechase.  ...more
  • Mustafa Merry, also spelled Mustapha Merry (born 21 April 1958) is a Moroccan former professional footballer who played as a striker. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Merry spent his most of his  ...more
  • Journalist, Screenwriter

    AgeDec. at 83 (1914-1997)

    BirthplaceCairo, Egypt


    Mustafa Amin (Arabic: مصطفى أمين‎) (21 February 1914 – 13 April 1997) was an Egyptian columnist and journalist who enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the Arab world. Known for his liberal  ...more
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