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Famous People Named Polly

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Ever thought about how many famous people named Polly are out there? This list of celebrities named Polly will show you the most prominent people with that name, along with pictures and additional information about them when available. The famous Pollys below include actors named Polly and athletes named Polly, but this list also includes doctors, teachers, or politicians named Polly who are notable in their fields. Some of the notable Pollys below include Polly Parsons, Polly Walker, and Polly Bergen.
  • Polly Parsons

    Polly Parsons is an English television presenter....  more
  • Polly Walker

    Polly Alexandra Walker (born 19 May 1966) is an English actress. She has starred in the films...  more
  • Polly Bergen

    Entrepreneur, Author
    Polly Bergen (born Nellie Paulina Burgin; July 14, 1930 – September 20, 2014) was an American...  more
  • Polly Draper

    Television director, Television producer
    Polly Carey Draper (born June 15, 1955) is an American actress, writer, producer, and...  more
  • Pahlan Ratanji "Polly" Umrigar pronunciation (28 March 1926 – 7 November 2006) was an Indian...  more
  • Polly Holliday

    Polly Dean Holliday (born July 2, 1937) is an American actress who has appeared on stage,...  more
  • Polly Moran

    Comedian, Actor
    Pauline Theresa Moran (June 28, 1883 – January 25, 1952) billed as Polly Moran, was an...  more
  • Polly Toynbee

    Journalist, Writer
    Mary Louisa "Polly" Toynbee (; born 27 December 1946) is a British journalist and writer. She...  more
  • Polly Shannon

    Model, Actor
    Polly Shannon (born September 1, 1973) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her...  more
  • Polly Platt

    Production Designer, Film Producer
    Mary Marr "Polly" Platt (January 29, 1939 – July 27, 2011) was an American film producer,...  more
  • Polly Stenham

    Polly Stenham (born 16 July 1986) is an English playwright known for her play That Face,...  more
  • Polly Borland

    Polly Borland is an Australian photographer now living in England. She is known both for her...  more
  • Polly Horvath

    Novelist, Author
    Polly Horvath (born 30 January 1957) is an American-Canadian author of novels for children and...  more
  • Polly James (born 1941) is an English actress with a career in theatre, film, television and...  more
  • Polly Frame

    Announcer, Actor
    Polly Frame (born in 1976) is a Scottish actress who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and is...  more
  • Polly Thompson was an actress....  more
  • Polly Scattergood

    Songwriter, Musician
    Polly Scattergood (born 18 October 1986, Wivenhoe, Essex, England), is a British...  more
  • Polly Emery was a British actress....  more
  • Polly Adams is an actress....  more
  • Polly Dunbar

    Illustrator, Author
    Polly Dunbar (born in Cotswolds) is an author-illustrator. Dunbar is known for her...  more
  • Polly Ann Young (October 25, 1908 – January 21, 1997) was an American actress....  more
  • Polly Bradfield

    Fiddler, Violinist
    Polly Bradfield is an American violinist from the New York City free improvisation scene of...  more
  • Polly Adler

    Businessperson, Sex worker
    Pearl "Polly" Adler (April 16, 1900 – June 9, 1962) was an American madam and author of...  more
  • Pauline "Polly" Adams (born 27 August 1939) is an English actress best known for her work on...  more
  • Polly Hill

    Anthropologist, Economist
    Polly Hill was a British social anthropologist of West Africa, and an Emeritus Fellow of Clare...  more