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Who Is The Most Famous Reuben In The World?

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How many celebrities named Reuben can you think of? The famous Reubens below have many different professions, including notable actors named Reuben, famous musicians named Ruben, and even athletes named Reuben.

One of the famous people with the first name Reuben is Reuben Wu. He is a member of the band Ladytron. He also produced and co-wrote songs for Christina Aguilera. One of the singers named Reuben is Reuben Sallmander. He is a Swedish performer as well as an actor. 

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    BirthplaceLiverpool, United Kingdom

    NationalityUnited Kingdom

    Reuben Wu (born 1975) is an English photographer, director, music producer and member of the electronic band Ladytron. His role in the band is keyboardist, songwriter and producer.  ...more
  • 2

    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Reuben Robert Joakim Sallmander (born 11 February 1966) is a Swedish actor and singer of Jewish heritage. Sallmander was born in Högalid, Stockholm, and attended the Jewish school. He spent two  ...more
  • 3

    BirthplaceAlaska, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Christopher Langdon (born July 19, 1975) is an American stuntman, motion-capture actor and voice actor. He has provided motion capture and voice for characters including but not limited to  ...more
  • 4

    BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Rox is a low-budget horror actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker.  ...more
  • 5

    BirthplaceChicago, Illinois

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Droughns (; born August 21, 1978) is a retired American football running back who was the assistant coach for the Serbian team Vukovi Beograd, the two-time champions of the Central European  ...more
  • 6

    BirthplaceHoboken, New Jersey

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Archer Torrey (28 January 1856 – 26 October 1928) was an American evangelist, pastor, educator, and writer.  ...more
  • 7

    BirthplaceDorchester, Boston, Massachusetts

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Gold Thwaites (May 15, 1853 – October 22, 1913) was an American librarian and historical writer.  ...more
  • 8

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Fine (October 11, 1914 – March 26, 1993) was an American chess grandmaster, psychologist, university professor, and author of many books on both chess and psychology. He was one of the  ...more
  • 9

    BirthplaceHuddersfield, United Kingdom


    Reuben Courtney Noble-Lazarus (born 16 August 1993) is an English-born Grenadian professional footballer who is a free agent. On 30 September 2008, he became the youngest player to debut in the  ...more
  • 10

    BirthplaceWilmington, Delaware

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Jeffery III (born August 21, 1953) is the former United States Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, having been appointed to that position by United  ...more
  • 11

    BirthplaceSaint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Renwick Rogers (born November 15, 1974) is a jazz bassist from the Virgin Islands.  ...more
  • 12

    BirthplaceTennessee, Contiguous United States, United States of America, United States, with Territories

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben O. Davis (January 18, 1813 – October 14, 1890) was a United States Representative from Mississippi. Born in Winchester, Tennessee into a family of Welsh origin, he moved with his parents to  ...more
  • 13

    BirthplaceBozrah, Connecticut, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Hyde Walworth (October 26, 1788 – November 27, 1867) was an American lawyer, jurist and politician. Although nominated three times to the United States Supreme Court by President John Tyler in  ...more
  • 14
    is a senior partner in the law firm of Phelps Dunbar, LLP in Jackson, Mississippi, where he has served as a partner since 1991.
  • 15

    BirthplaceCarroll, New York, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Eaton Fenton (July 4, 1819 – August 25, 1885) was an American merchant and politician from New York.  ...more
  • 16

    BirthplaceAnsonia, Connecticut

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Major General Reuben Henry Tucker III (January 29, 1911 – 6 January 1970) was a highly decorated senior officer in the United States Army. He served with distinction during World War II, where he  ...more
  • 17


    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben James (c. 1776 – 3 December 1838) was a boatswain's mate of the United States Navy, famous for his heroism in the First Barbary War.  ...more
  • 18

    BirthplaceLogan, West Virginia

    Reuben Lindsay Walker (May 29, 1827 – June 7, 1890) was a Confederate general who served in the artillery during the American Civil War.  ...more
  • 19

    BirthplaceUnited States of America, United States, with Territories, Massachusetts, Blandford

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Patrick Boise (June 9, 1819 – April 10, 1907) was an American attorney, judge and politician in the Oregon Territory and the early years of the state of Oregon. A native of Massachusetts, he  ...more
  • 20

    BirthplaceKentucky, Lawrence County, United States, with Territories

    Reuben Scott Strahan (January 1, 1835 – July 21, 1895) was an American politician and judge in Oregon. He was the 15th Chief Justice of the state's highest court. A native of Kentucky, served on the  ...more
  • 21

    BirthplaceVermont, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Reuben Wood (1792/1793 – October 1, 1864) was a Democratic politician from the U.S. state of Ohio. He served as the 21st Governor of Ohio.  ...more
  • 22
    Reuben Kee En Rui was a Singaporean dragon-boat paddler, composer and part-time model. He was also known for contributions within the M.U.G.E.N community, serving as one of its most recognisable  ...more
  • 23

    BirthplaceTulsa, Oklahoma

    Reuben Charles Gant (born April 12, 1952 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is a former professional American football tight end in the National Football League for the Buffalo Bills. He played college football at  ...more
  • 24

    BirthplaceSanta Monica, California

    Reuben Stanley Henderson, D.O. (born October 3, 1958) is a former professional American football player who played cornerback for four seasons for the Chicago Bears and the San Diego Chargers. He is  ...more
  • 25


    Reuben J. Phillips (July 28, 1874 – February 8, 1936) was an American marine serving during the Boxer Rebellion who received the Medal of Honor for bravery.  ...more
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