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Famous People Named Rod

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Ever wondered how many famous people named Rod there are? This list of celebrities named Rod includes photos and information about each person when available. The famous Rods on this list come in all shapes and sizes, but all ended up achieving some kind of fame in their respective fields. This includes singers and musicians named Rod, actors named Rod, and even athletes named Rod. Well-known Rods like Rod Stewart, Rod Woodson, and Rod Carew are just the start of this list.
  • Rod Stewart

    BirthplaceHighgate, London, United Kingdom

    Sir Roderick David Stewart, (born 10 January 1945) is a British rock singer and songwriter....  more

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  • Rod Woodson

    BirthplaceFort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America

    Roderick Kevin Woodson (born March 10, 1965) is a former American football player who played...  more

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  • Rod Carew

    Rod Carew

    Age: 75

    BirthplaceGatún, Panama

    Rodney Cline Carew (born October 1, 1945) is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) first...  more

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  • Rod Steiger

    Rod Steiger

    Age: Died at 77 (1925-2002)

    BirthplaceWesthampton, New York, United States of America

    Rodney Stephen Steiger (April 14, 1925 – July 9, 2002) was an American actor, noted for his...  more

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  • Rod Laver

    Rod Laver

    Age: 82

    BirthplaceRockhampton, Australia

    Rodney George Laver (born 9 August 1938), better known as Rod Laver, is an Australian former...  more

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  • Rod Taylor

    Rod Taylor

    Age: 90

    BirthplaceLidcombe, Australia

    Rodney Sturt Taylor (11 January 1930 – 7 January 2015) was an Australian-born actor. He...  more

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  • Rod Strickland

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    Rodney Strickland (born July 11, 1966) is an American basketball executive and retired...  more
  • Rod Smith

    Rod Smith

    Age: 50

    BirthplaceTexarkana, Arkansas, United States of America

    Roderick Duane Smith (born May 15, 1970) is a former American football wide receiver who...  more
  • Rod Serling

    Rod Serling

    Age: Died at 51 (1924-1975)

    BirthplaceSyracuse, New York, USA

    Rodman Edward Serling (December 25, 1924 – June 28, 1975) was an American screenwriter,...  more
  • Rod Gilbert

    BirthplaceMontreal, Canada

    Rodrigue Gabriel Gilbert (born July 1, 1941) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey...  more
  • Rod Beck

    Rod Beck

    Dec. at 39 (1968-2007)

    BirthplaceBurbank, California

    Rodney Roy "Rod" Beck (August 3, 1968 – June 23, 2007), nicknamed "Shooter", was a relief...  more
  • Rod Blagojevich

    BirthplaceChicago metropolitan area, Illinois, Chicago, United States of America, United States

    Rod Blagojevich (, born December 10, 1956) is an American former politician who served as the...  more

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  • Rod Brind'Amour

    BirthplaceOttawa, Canada

    Roderic Jean Brind'Amour (born August 9, 1970) is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and...  more
  • Rod Langway

    BirthplaceTaipei, Taiwan

    Rodney Cory Langway (born May 3, 1957) is an American former professional ice hockey...  more
  • Rod Argent

    Rod Argent

    Age: 75

    BirthplaceSt Albans, United Kingdom

    Rodney Terence "Rod" Argent (born 14 June 1945) is an English musician, singer, songwriter,...  more
  • Rod Morgenstein

    BirthplaceNew York, United States of America

    Rod Morgenstein (born April 19, 1953) is an American drummer and music educator. He is best...  more

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  • Rod Martin

    Rod Martin

    Age: 66

    BirthplaceWelch, West Virginia

    Rod Martin (born April 7, 1954) is a retired National Football League linebacker who played...  more
  • Rod Tidwell
  • Rod Marinelli

    BirthplaceRosemead, California

    Rodney Marinelli (born July 13, 1949) is an American football coach who is the defensive...  more
  • Rod Barajas

    BirthplaceOntario, California

    Rodrigo Richard "Rod" Barajas (born September 5, 1975) is a Mexican-American former...  more
  • Rod McKuen

    Age: 87

    BirthplaceOakland, California, United States of America

    Rodney Marvin McKuen (April 29, 1933 – January 29, 2015) was an American poet,...  more
  • Rod Hundley

    Rod Hundley

    Age: 85

    BirthplaceCharleston, West Virginia

    Rodney Clark "Hot Rod" Hundley (October 26, 1934 – March 27, 2015) was an American...  more
  • Rod Rust

    Rod Rust

    Age: 92

    BirthplaceWebster City, Iowa

    Rodney Arthur Rust (August 2, 1928 – October 23, 2018) was an American football player and...  more
  • Rod Temperton

    BirthplaceCleethorpes, United Kingdom

    Rodney Lynn Temperton (9 October 1949 – 25 September 2016) was an English songwriter, record...  more
  • Rod Shoate

    Rod Shoate

    Dec. at 46 (1953-1999)

    BirthplaceSpiro, Oklahoma

    Roderick Shoate (April 26, 1953 – October 4, 1999) was an American football linebacker in the...  more