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Famous People Named Rodolfo

Updated October 13, 2018 100 items
Ever wondered how many famous people named Rodolfo there are? This list of celebrities named Rodolfo includes photos and information about each person when available. The famous Rodolfos on this list come in all shapes and sizes, but all ended up achieving some kind of fame in their respective fields. This includes singers and musicians named Rodolfo, actors named Rodolfo, and even athletes named Rodolfo. Well-known Rodolfos like Rodolfo Zelaya, Rodolfo Gonzales, and Rodolfo Neri Vela are just the start of this list.
  • Rodolfo Zelaya



    BirthplaceUsulután, El Salvador

    Rodolfo Antonio Zelaya García (born July 3, 1988 in Usulután) is a Salvadoran professional footballer who plays for Las Vegas Lights FC in the USL Championship on loan from Los Angeles FC, and the El...  more
  • AgeDec. at 77 (1928-2005)

    BirthplaceDenver, Colorado

    Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales (June 18, 1928 – April 12, 2005) was a Mexican American boxer, poet, and political activist. He convened the first-ever Chicano youth conference in March 1969, which was...  more
  • Rodolfo Neri Vela

    Astronaut, Scientist


    BirthplaceChilpancingo, Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Mexico

    Rodolfo Neri Vela (born 19 February 1952) is a Mexican scientist and astronaut who flew aboard a NASA Space Shuttle mission in the year 1985. He is the first Mexican, and the second Latin American to...  more
  • Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, 1st Marquis of Neghelli (Italian pronunciation: [roˈdɔlfo ɡratˈtsjaːni]; 11 August 1882 – 11 January 1955), was a prominent Italian military officer in the Kingdom of...  more
  • AgeDec. at 54 (1920-1974)

    BirthplaceChihuahua, Mexico

    Alternative NameRodolfo Acosta^! Rudolph Acosta^! Rudy Acosta

    Rodolfo Pérez Acosta (July 29, 1920 – November 7, 1974) was a Mexican-American character actor who became known for his roles as Mexican outlaws or Native Americans in Hollywood western films. He was...  more
  • Age45

    BirthplaceMadrid, Spain

    Rodolfo Sancho is an actor....  more
  • Rodolfo Stavenhagen



    BirthplaceFrankfurt, Germany

    Rodolfo Stavenhagen is a Mexican sociologist. He is a professor-researcher at El Colegio de México and former Deputy Director General of UNESCO. In 2001 he was appointed by the United Nations...  more
  • Rodolfo González

    Professional Boxer


    BirthplaceGuadalajara, Mexico

    Rodolfo González (born 16 December 1945 in Guadalajara, Jalisco) was a Mexican boxer and former WBC Lightweight Champion also known as El Gato. González started his career very young at the age of...  more
  • Age82

    BirthplaceTrieste, Italy

    Rodolfo Ranni (born 31 October 1937 in Trieste, Italy) is an Italian Argentine film actor.He has made over 85 film and TV appearances since 1958. More recently he has appeared in Argentine...  more
  • Rodolfo Usigli

    Diplomat, Professor

    AgeDec. at 74 (1905-1979)

    BirthplaceMexico City, Mexico

    Rodolfo Usigli (November 17, 1905 – June 18, 1979) was a Mexican playwright. He was called the "playwright of the Mexican Revolution."...  more
  • Rodolfo Terragno

    Politician, Journalist



    Rodolfo Terragno (born November 16, 1943) is an Argentine politician and lawyer, former Senator and journalist....  more
  • Rodolfo Walsh

    Journalist, Writer

    AgeDec. at 50 (1927-1977)

    BirthplaceLamarque, Argentina

    Rodolfo Jorge Walsh (January 9, 1927 – March 25, 1977) was an Argentine writer and journalist of Irish descent, considered the founder of investigative journalism. He is most famous for his Open...  more
  • AgeDec. at 70 (1910-1980)

    BirthplaceRio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Rodolfo Arena was a Brazilian actor. He appeared in 90 films between 1920 and 1980. He starred in the 1974 film Sagarana: The Duel, which was entered into the 24th Berlin International Film Festival....  more
  • Rodolfo de Anda

    Film Producer, Screenwriter

    AgeDec. at 67 (1943-2010)

    BirthplaceMexico City, Mexico

    Rodolfo de Anda (July 6, 1943 – February 1, 2010) was a Mexican actor most well known for his roles in the film La gran aventura del Zorro and the television series El Pantera. He was born in Mexico...  more
  • Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill

    Sociologist, Novelist

    AgeDec. at 69 (1941-2010)

    BirthplaceQuilmes, Argentina

    Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill (July 15, 1941 – August 21, 2010), who normally went only by his surname, Fogwill, was an Argentine short story writer, novelist, and businessman. He was a distant relative of...  more
  • Rodolfo Llinás

    Professor, Physician


    BirthplaceBogotá, Colombia

    Rodolfo Llinás Riascos (Bogotá, Colombia 16 December 1934) is a Colombian-American neuroscientist. He is currently the Thomas and Suzanne Murphy Professor of Neuroscience and Chairman Emeritus of...  more
  • Rodolfo Sciammarella

    Film Score Composer, Screenwriter

    AgeDec. at 71 (1902-1973)

    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Rodolfo Sciammarella is a film score composer and a screenwriter....  more
  • Age88

    BirthplaceBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, California

    Rodolfo Francisco Acuña, Ph.D., (born May 18, 1932) is an American historian, professor emeritus, and one of various scholars of Chicano studies, which he teaches at California State University,...  more
  • AgeDec. at 67 (1916-1983)

    BirthplaceMexico City, Mexico

    Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. was an actor....  more
  • AgeDec. at 96 (1808-1904)

    BirthplaceBerlin, Germany

    Rodolfo Amando (or Rudolph Amandus) Philippi (14 September 1808 – 23 July 1904) was a German–Chilean paleontologist and zoologist. He left his native Germany as a young man because he thought he was...  more
  • Rodolfo Valentin

    Hairdresser, Barber


    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Rodolfo Valentin (born June 22, 1944) is a New York City hairdresser and entrepreneur. Beginning his career as a fashion model in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Valentin later emigrated to New York to find...  more
  • Rodolfo Mederos

    Film Score Composer, Arranger


    BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

    Rodolfo Mederos (born March 25, 1940) is an Argentine bandoneonist, composer and arranger. He lived in Cuba and France; in Argentina, he founded the cult group Generación Cero....  more
  • Age84


    Rodolfo Certeza Severino Jr. (27 April 1936 – 19 April 2019) was a Filipino diplomat best known for his term as the Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) from 1998...  more
  • Rodolfo Halffter

    Film Score Composer, Composer

    AgeDec. at 87 (1900-1987)

    BirthplaceMadrid, Spain

    Rodolfo Halffter Escriche (October 20, 1900 – October 14, 1987) was a Spanish composer....  more
  • Rodolfo Hauthal

    Palaeontologist, Geologist

    BirthplaceHamburg, Germany

    Rodolfo Hauthal was a teacher, geologist and palaeontologist....  more