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Famous People Named Roman

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Ever wondered how many famous people named Roman there are? This list of celebrities named Roman includes photos and information about each person when available. The famous Romans on this list come in all shapes and sizes, but all ended up achieving some kind of fame in their respective fields. This includes singers and musicians named Roman, actors named Roman, and even athletes named Roman. Well-known Romans like Roman Reigns, Roman Polanski, and Roman Gabriel are just the start of this list.
  • Roman Reigns

    BirthplacePensacola, Florida, United States of America

    Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoaʻi (born May 25, 1985) is an American professional wrestler, actor, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Roman Polanski

    BirthplaceParis, France

    Rajmund Roman Thierry Polański (born 18 August 1933) is a French-Polish film director,... more on Wikipedia

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  • Roman Gabriel

    BirthplaceWilmington, North Carolina, United States of America

    Roman Ildonzo Gabriel Jr. (born August 5, 1940) is a former American football player. He... more on Wikipedia

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  • Roman Josi

    Roman Josi

    Age: 30

    BirthplaceBern, Switzerland

    Roman Josi (born 1 June 1990) is a Swiss professional ice hockey defenceman who currently... more on Wikipedia
  • Román González

    BirthplaceManagua, Nicaragua

    Román Alberto González Luna (born June 17, 1987), best known by his nickname "Chocolatito", is... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Polák

    BirthplaceOstrava, Czech Republic

    Roman Polák (born 28 April 1986) is a professional ice hockey defenceman who currently plays... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Eremenko

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    Roman Alekseyevich Eremenko (Russian: Роман Алексеевич Ерёменко; born 19 March 1987) is a... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Weidenfeller

    BirthplaceDiez, Germany, Germany

    Roman Weidenfeller (German pronunciation: [ˈʁoːman ˈvaɪdn̩ˌfɛlɐ]; born 6 August 1980) is a... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Pavlyuchenko

    BirthplaceMostovskoy, Russia

    Roman Anatolyevich Pavlyuchenko (Russian: Роман Анатольевич Павлюченко; born 15 December 1981)... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Shirokov

    BirthplaceDedovsk, Russia

    Roman Nikolayevich Shirokov (Russian: Роман Николаевич Широков [rɐˈman nʲɪkɐˈɫaɪvʲɪtɕ... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Abramovich

    BirthplaceSaratov, Russia

    Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich (Russian: Рома́н Арка́дьевич Абрамо́вич, pronounced [rɐˈman... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Herzog

    BirthplaceLandshut, Germany

    Roman Herzog (5 April 1934 – 10 January 2017) was a German politician, judge and legal... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Hamrlík

    BirthplaceZlín, Czech Republic

    Roman Hamrlík (born April 12, 1974) is a Czech former professional ice hockey defenceman who... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Turek

    BirthplaceStrakonice, Czech Republic

    Roman Turek (born May 21, 1970) is a Czech former professional ice hockey goaltender who... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Šebrle

    BirthplaceLanškroun, Czech Republic

    Roman Šebrle (Czech pronunciation: [ˈroman ˈʃɛbr̩lɛ]; born 26 November 1974) is an athlete... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Romanenko

    BirthplaceShchyolkovo, Russia

    Roman Yurievich Romanenko (Major, Russian Air Force; Russian: Роман Юрьевич Романенко; born... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Danylo (born in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian comedian, improviser and actor based out... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Coppola

    BirthplaceNeuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France

    Roman François Coppola (born April 22, 1965) is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer,... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Miroshnichenko

    BirthplaceDniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine

    Roman Maksimovich Miroshnichenko Russian: Роман Максимович Мирошниченко) (born June 4, 1977)... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Zentsov

    BirthplaceBryansk, Russia

    Roman Zentsov (Russian: Роман Зенцов, pronounced [rɐˈman zʲɪnˈʐəf]) (born September 10, 1973... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Hruska

    Roman Hruska

    Dec. at 95 (1904-1999)

    BirthplaceDavid City, Nebraska, USA

    Roman Lee Hruska (August 16, 1904 – April 25, 1999) was a Republican U.S. Senator from the... more on Wikipedia
  • BirthplaceArmenia

    Roman Aramian (born October 2, 1983) is an Armenian boxer, fighting out of Germany. Aramian's... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Totenberg

    Roman Totenberg

    Dec. at 101 (1911-2012)

    BirthplaceŁódź, Poland

    Roman Totenberg (1 January 1911 – 8 May 2012) was a Polish-American violinist and educator. A... more on Wikipedia
  • Roman Čechmánek

    BirthplaceZlín, Czech Republic

    Roman Čechmánek (Czech pronunciation: [ˈroman ˈtʃɛxmaːnɛk]; born March 2, 1971) is a former... more on Wikipedia
  • BirthplaceColumbus, Ohio

    Roman Brian Fortin (born February 26, 1967) is a former NFL player from 1991–2000. He played... more on Wikipedia