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Who Is The Most Famous Susan In The World?

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How many celebrities named Susan can you think of? The famous Susans below have many different professions, including notable actresses named Susan, famous writers named Susan, and even activists named Susan. Susan Sontag, Susan Boyle, and Susan Lucci are just some of the Susans you'll find on the list below.

Susan Sarandon is certainly one of the most famous Susans on this list. An accomplished actress, this famous Susan is known for her roles in movies such as Thelma & Louise, Enchanted, and Dead Man Walking, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She is also an outspoken activist, and was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1999.

Another of the famous people with the first name Susan is Susan B. Anthony. She is remembered as one of the key players in the women's suffrage movement. In addition, she worked to abolish slavery by collecting anti-slavery petitions at just 17 years old.

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  • Susan Sarandon1

    Susan Sarandon


    BirthplaceJackson Heights, New York City, New York, United States of America

    Susan Abigail Sarandon (née Tomalin; born October 4, 1946) is an American actress and...  more

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  • Susan Boyle2

    Susan Boyle


    BirthplaceBlackburn, United Kingdom

    Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961) is a Scottish singer, who rose to fame after...  more

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  • Susan Lucci3

    Susan Lucci


    BirthplaceScarsdale, New York, USA

    Susan Victoria Lucci (born December 23, 1946) is an American actress, television host, author...  more

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  • Susan B. Anthony4

    BirthplaceAdams, Massachusetts

    Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906) was an American social reformer and...  more

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  • Susan Hayward5

    Susan Hayward


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Susan Hayward (born Edythe Marrenner; June 30, 1917 – March 14, 1975) was an American actress...  more

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  • Susan Sontag6

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    Susan Sontag (; January 16, 1933 – December 28, 2004) was an American writer, filmmaker,...  more

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  • Susie Essman7

    Susie Essman


    BirthplaceNew York City, USA, New York

    Susan Essman (born May 31, 1955) is an American stand-up comedian, actress, writer and...  more

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  • Susan Dey8

    Susan Dey


    BirthplaceUSA, Pekin, Illinois

    Susan Hallock Dey (born December 10, 1952) is a retired American actress, known for her...  more
  • Susan Blakely9

    Susan Blakely


    BirthplaceFrankfurt, Germany

    Susan Blakely (born September 7, 1948) is an American actress and model. She is best known for...  more
  • Susan Anton10

    Susan Anton


    BirthplaceOak Glen, San Bernardino County, California, California, United States of America

    Susan Ellen Anton (born October 12, 1950) is an American actress and singer....  more

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  • Susan Denberg11

    Susan Denberg


    BirthplaceKlagenfurt, Austria

    Susan Denberg (born Dietlinde Zechner; 2 August 1944, Bad Polzin, Germany) is a...  more
  • Susan Lynch12

    Susan Lynch


    BirthplaceCorrinshego, United Kingdom

    Susan Lynch (born 5 June 1971) is a Northern Irish actress. A three-time IFTA Award winner,...  more
  • Susan Ward13

    Susan Ward


    BirthplaceMonroe, Louisiana, United States of America

    Susan Ward (born April 15, 1976) is an American actress and model....  more

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  • Susan Powter14

    Susan Powter


    BirthplaceSydney, Australia

    Susan Powter (born 22 December 1957) is an Australian-born American motivational speaker,...  more
  • Susan Saint James15

    BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America

    Susan Saint James (born Susan Jane Miller; August 14, 1946) is an American actress and...  more

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  • Susan Sullivan16

    Susan Sullivan


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Susan Michaela Sullivan (born November 18, 1942) is an American actress. Sullivan is best...  more
  • Susan Wojcicki17

    Susan Wojcicki



    Susan Diane Wojcicki is an American businesswoman and CEO of YouTube....  more

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  • Susan May Pratt18

    Susan May Pratt


    BirthplaceMichigan, USA, Lansing

    Susan May Pratt (born February 8, 1974) is an American actress. She played Mandella in 10...  more
  • Susan Strasberg19

    Susan Strasberg


    BirthplaceNew York City, USA, New York

    Susan Elizabeth Strasberg (May 22, 1938 – January 21, 1999) was an American stage, film, and...  more
  • Susie Castillo20

    Susie Castillo


    BirthplaceUSA, Massachusetts, Methuen

    Susie Castillo (born October 27, 1979) is an American actress, TV host, model and beauty...  more
  • Susan Ivey21

    Susan Ivey

    Susan M. Cameron (born October 31, 1958) is an American businessperson who is the former...  more
  • Susan Hawk22

    Susan Hawk


    BirthplaceWaukesha, Wisconsin, United States of America

    Susan Hawk (born August 17, 1961 in Waukesha, Wisconsin) is a reality TV personality who was a...  more

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  • Susan Eldridge23

    Susan Eldridge


    BirthplaceSanta Clara, California

    Susan Eldridge is an American model....  more
  • Susan Molinari24

    Susan Molinari


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA

    Susan Molinari (born March 27, 1958) is an American politician, journalist, and lobbyist from...  more
  • Susan Downey25

    Susan Downey


    BirthplaceSchaumburg, Illinois

    Susan Nicole Downey (née Levin; born November 6, 1973) is an American film producer. Until...  more