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14 Celebrities with Ridiculous On-Set Demands

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This list of the most extravagant celebrity on-set demands is all about the most spoiled stars and their most ridiculous requests backstage or at various events. Wishlist? Ridiculous requests? Maybe "completely unreasonable famous-person demands" is apter.

Million-dollar buses? Weird food demands? Specific candy color requests? Toilet seats? They're all here.

A lot of the stars on this list are musicians, rock stars, and divas. It's hard to say exactly why this is, but it may be more about image than anything else. Rock stars are known for making crazy demands and trashing hotel rooms if they don't get their way, so if a guy who sings well while holding a guitar doesn't also do those eccentric things, is he truly a rock star? 

Maybe everyone should start a list of their own personal outrageous demands (maybe even use Ranker to make the list?). People get famous fast, like sometimes for no reason at all, so you should be ready for when the time comes that you need these demands met. You don't want to be that famous person who doesn't ask for stupid stuff all the time. 

Look over this list, be amazed at the most extravagant celebrity demands, and then use them as inspirado for your own. 

  • Photo: Glenn Francis / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    When Britney Spears performed in London’s The O2 Arena in 2011, she demanded a feast of McDonald's bunless cheeseburgers, along with 100 figs and prunes. So she could feel like she was getting the full London experience, she also ordered fish and chips, with a framed photo of Princess Diana on the side.

    Yes, she reportedly ordered a framed photo of Princess Diana to be displayed in her dressing room at the venue. The U.K. publication The Daily Mirror reports, “Britney adores the monarchy. Diana was in many ways her inspiration.”


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    • When you think about divas, you don’t usually think about the guy who drinks milk on a hot day and then locks himself in a glass case of emotion. For the promotional tour of the basketball-themed “Semi-Pro,” Will Farrell out-diva’d the top divas with his requests.

      The most amazing items he asked for? An electric scooter, a painted rainbow on wheels, and a 15-foot-tall fake tree. Why? Because he can.


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      • Working for Paula Abdul must be hard, and not just because that cartoon cat still follows her around. An insider said she makes her assistants "check the TiVo for any mention of her and put it on a DVD.” It's a lot of work for nothing because this is a feature that the TiVo already does, so she could just, well, own a TiVo.

        It's also been reported that she asks her entourage to repeatedly remind her that she is a "warrior, survivor, and gift."  

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        • Photo: S. Nadal / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

          Steven Tyler has been selling out venues with Aerosmith for decades. He recently revealed in his autobiography that he would pick girls out of the crowd that he was interested in, have a member of his entourage retrieve her… and make her take a shower?

          Yep. Apparently, he does want to miss a few things, specifically whatever concert germs his fans collected during his shows. He would demand that someone else demand that women he didn’t know wash themselves off in his private shower and be waiting for him when he got off stage.


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