Every Famous Person Who Has Received The COVID-19 Vaccine

After many months of anxious waiting, the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in December 2020. And although it might take a while for a majority of American citizens to have access to it, several health workers and public figures have already received the injection. President-elect Joe Biden, Vice President Mike Pence, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are just a few of the politicians getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Phase 1 of the vaccine has already been completed - they must return in a few weeks for Phase 2.

Other celebrities who received the COVID-19 vaccine are acting legend Sir Ian McKellan, filmmaker Oliver Stone, and The Bachelorette contestant Joe Park. Each one of these celebrities expressed their support for the scientists working on the development of the vaccine. CNN corespondent Stephanie Elam got vaccinated to dispel any fears felt by certain minority groups about getting vaccinated. Everyone on this list is confident the injection will save lives and give people a feeling of safety. However, they also stress the importance of social distancing and wearing masks, even as the vaccine becomes more widespread. What other celebrities are getting the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Keep reading for more COVID vaccine updates, and to learn more about all of the influential politicians, entertainers, and journalists who received the coronavirus vaccine so far.