Famous People Describe Their Every Day Struggles With Acne And Skincare

It may seem like the rich and famous always look flawless. But acne is one of those conditions that reaches across all ages, income levels, and walks of life. Celebrities may be in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean there aren't famous people with acne. In fact, there are many, and some of them have even had the guts to talk frankly and openly about their skincare struggles.

It's important that these stars speak out. Acne can be a social stigma, and young sufferers are often singled out for bullying. These true stories from stars about acne show that it's okay to talk about topics that seem embarrassing – and serve as a helpful reminder that even the most glamorous people are still just people. From Emma Stone to Kendall Jenner, Adam Levine to Cameron Diaz, more stars have acne than you might think. Read on to discover how celebrities describe their skin struggles.