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11 Famous People Who Are Love Children

Updated 14 Nov 2018 53.0k views11 items

Several famous musicians, actors, and politicians are actually love children. Their parents had brief affairs that resulted in surprise pregnancies. Several famous people grew up thinking that their grandparents were actually their parents, not knowing they were born to teenage mothers. This list of famous people who are love children has been loosely ranked by fame and popularity. 

Who is the most famous love child? Liv Tyler's mother had a brief affair with Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler. Nine months later, Liv was born. Jack Nicholson's father, Donald Furcillo, was married when he impregnated Nicholson's mother, June Frances Nicholson. June was only a teen when she became a mother.

Prince Harry is also believed to be a love child. Princess Diana was known to have had an extramarital affair with cavalry officer, James Hewitt, for many years, around the time that Prince Harry was born. Although Hewitt has denied being Harry's father, many people believe that the two look suspiciously alike.

Do you think it would be difficult to learn that you are a someone's love child? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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