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Famous People Who Are More Successful Than Their Parents

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We've all been taught to "honor thy father and mother," but there's no rule telling us we can't become more famous than them. That's why stars like Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie have gone on to completely surpass their parents in terms of fame, fortune, sex appeal, and general relevance. Sometimes all it takes is one lucky break or a high-profile marriage for a Hollywood actor to outshine his mom or dad, but it's always fun to see famous sons and daughters steal the spotlight from their parental units. Especially when the daughter in question is only eight years old. (Hi Suri!)

This list of celebrities who are more famous than their parents has everyone from actors to musicians to reality stars, and it includes no less than four Hollywood dynasties. But in some cases, the famous stars who outshine their parents aren't exactly more talented than them (see Tori Spelling, who never seemed to inherit her dad Aaron's phenomenal talent for screenwriting). On a related note, it's ironic that some celebrities who are trying their best to make their children more famous than them (e.g. Will Smith) are not really succeeding in that arena. Maybe someday!

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