24 Famous People Who Are Also Secretly Artists

This list contains information about famous people who are secret artists, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, and politicians have hidden talents as painters and sketchers. Some of these celebrities use pseudonyms when showing their work at exhibitions, while others use their famous names. Two famous actors' paintings can be seen in their films.

Who is the most famous person who is a secret artist? Jennifer Aniston tops our list. A painting by Jennifer Aniston was shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when she was just 11 years old. George W. Bush started painting in 2012, and two years later, he hosted an exhibition of his work at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Johnny Depp has painted portraits of his famous friends like music stars Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and Keith Richards.

James Franco has been painting since he was in high school. His original artwork can be seen in the movie This Is the End. Viggo Mortensen is a painter and photographer. His original paintings can be seen in the film A Perfect Murder.

Which celebrity's secret talent surprises you the most? Share your thoughts on these celebrity drawings, paintings, and sketches in the comments section.