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List of famous people who drowned, including photos, birthdates, professions, and other information. These celebrities who drowned are listed alphabetically and include the famous drowning victims’ hometown and biographical info about them when available.

The list you're viewing is made up of a variety of different people who died by drowning, including singer Whitney Houston, Virginia Woolf, Rajeev Motwani, and Ward Beysen.

These notable drowning deaths include modern and long-gone famous men and women, from politicians to religious leaders to writers. Everyone on this list has drowning as a cause of death somewhere in their public records, even if it was just one contributing factor for their death. 

Whitney Houston is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous People Who Drowned
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Whitney Elizabeth Houston was an American singer, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, Guinness World Records cited her as the most awarded female act of all time. Houston is one of pop music's best-selling music artists of all-time, with an estimated 170-200 million records sold worldwide. She released six studio albums, one holiday album and three movie soundtrack albums, all of which have diamond, multi-platinum, platinum or gold certification. Houston's crossover appeal on the popular music charts, as well as her prominence on MTV, starting with her video for "How Will I Know", influenced several African American women artists who follow in her footsteps. Houston is the only artist to ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 49 (1963-2012)

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, United States of America

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Natalie Wood is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous People Who Drowned
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Natalie Wood was an American film and television actress best known for her screen roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Splendor in the Grass, Rebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story. After first working in films as a child, Wood became a successful Hollywood star as a young adult, receiving three Academy Award nominations before she was 25 years old. Wood began acting in movies at the age of four and at age eight was given a co-starring role in the classic Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street. As a teenager, her performance in Rebel Without a Cause earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She starred in the musical films West Side Story and Gypsy, and ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 43 (1938-1981)

Birthplace: USA, California, San Francisco

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Josef Mengele is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous People Who Drowned
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Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. He was notorious for the selection of victims to be killed in the gas chambers and for performing unscientific and often deadly human experiments on prisoners. After the war, he fled to South America, where he evaded capture for the rest of his life. Mengele received doctorates in anthropology and medicine from Munich University and began a career as a researcher. He joined the Nazi Party in 1937 and the SS in 1938. Initially assigned as a battalion medical officer at the start of World War II, he transferred to the concentration camp service in early 1943 and was assigned to ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 68 (1911-1979)

Birthplace: Günzburg, Germany

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Grigori Rasputin is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Famous People Who Drowned
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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was a Russian peasant, mystical faith healer and a trusted friend to the Tsar's family. He became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915 when Tsar Nicholas II took command of the army at the front. There is much uncertainty over Rasputin's life and the degree of influence he exerted over the shy and irresolute Tsar and the strong-willed Alexandra Feodorovna, his wife. Accounts are often based on dubious memoirs, hearsay and legend. While his influence and position may have been exaggerated, historians agree that his presence played a significant role in the increasing unpopularity of the Imperial couple and the downfall of the ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 47 (1869-1916)

Birthplace: Pokrovskoye, Russia

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