Famous People Who Died of Multiple Myeloma

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List of famous people who died of multiple myeloma, listed by fame and notoriety with photos when available. This list of celebrities who died from multiple myeloma includes information like the victim's hometown and other biographical information when available. Make sure to also check out celebrity cancer survivors and famous athletes who beat cancer. Unfortunately many famous people's lives have been cut short because of multiple myeloma, including actors, musicians and athletes.

The list you're viewing has a variety of famous myelosis victims, like Susannah York, Jim Davis, Roy Scheider, Sam Walton, Lou Rukeyser, Stan Winston, Mickey Hargitay, Jim Davis, and Peter Boyle, in it.

This list answers the questions, "Which celebrities have died from multiple myeloma?" and "Which famous people died due to multiple myeloma?"These notable multiple myeloma deaths include modern and past famous men and women, from politicians to religious leaders to writers. Everyone on this list has has multiple myeloma as a cause of death somewhere in their public records, even if it was just one contributing factor for their death. 

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY
Susannah York was an English actress who appeared in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?." On January 15, 2011, she died after losing her battle with bone marrow cancer. York was 72 years old.

Susannah Yolande Fletcher (9 January 1939 – 15 January 2011), known professionally as Susannah York, was an English actress. Her appearances in various films of the 1960s, including Tom Jones (1963) and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969), formed the basis of her international reputation. An obituary in The Telegraph characterised her as "the blue-eyed English rose with the china-white skin and cupid lips who epitomised the sensuality of the swinging sixties", who later "proved that she was a real actor of extraordinary emotional range".York's early films included The Greengage Summer (1961) and a Golden Globe-nominated role in Freud (1962). She went on to be nominated for the Academy ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 72 (1939-2011)

Birthplace: Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

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Nathan Isgur

Nathan Isgur (May 25, 1947 – July 24, 2001) was a theoretical physicist from the U.S. and Canada. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 54 (1947-2001)

Birthplace: South Houston, Texas

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY
Roy Scheider was an American actor who appeared in the film "Jaws." He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2004 and received a bone marrow transplant the following year. On February 10, 2008, he died as a result of the disease at the age of 75.

Age: Dec. at 76 (1932-2008)

Birthplace: Orange, New Jersey, United States of America

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Sam Walton was an American businessman who founded Walmart. On April 5, 1992, he died as the result of multiple myeloma at the age of 74.

Samuel Moore Walton (March 29, 1918 – April 5, 1992) was an American businessman and entrepreneur best known for founding the retailers Walmart and Sam's Club. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. grew to be the world's largest corporation by revenue as well as the biggest private employer in the world. At one point in his life, he was the richest man in America. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: Dec. at 74 (1918-1992)

Birthplace: Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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