celebrities These Famous People Ironically Died On Their Birthdays  

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Everyone has a one in 365 chance that they will die on their birthdays and several celebrities were unlucky (or lucky, depend on how you look at it) enough that it happened. In fact, studies have shown that the people over 60 are more likely to die on their birthdays, and that birthday deaths, in general, are on the rise. Which famous actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes have died on their birthdays?

Dying on one's birthday is actually more likely than you might think. Researchers studied more than two million people during a 40-year study and found that deaths from heart attacks, strokes, falls, and suicides all increased, and that people turning 60 and older were 14 percent more likely to die on their birthday.

Read through the list below to learn which other famous celebrities died on their birthdays, and share your thoughts in the comments section. What do you think when a celebrity dies on the same date he or she was born? Is this a coincidence or fate? 

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These Famous People Ironically Died On Their Birthdays