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Famous People Who Don't Drink Alcohol

Updated June 14, 2019 887.2k views227 items

This list of celebrities who don't drink features all the famous people who don't drink alcohol, with photos. Which celebrities don't drink? Teetotalers are people who don't drink. Not one drop. The famous teetotalers on this list have stopped drinking for a variety of reasons, like after overcoming an alcohol problem, or in other cases, they have never drank any alcohol at any point in their lives.

You hear so much talk about famous people drinking or celebs dying to alcoholism - celebrities and well-known people going to jail or rehab for being alcoholic drunks or druggies. Which famous people don't drink alcohol? Any of them? It turns out, what you don't hear about is the famous people who don't drink alcohol. But these are them - the sober celebrities and famous non drinkers, Hollywood actors who simply don't drink, for whatever reason.

Celebrities on this list include Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Willis, Anne Robinson, Chris Ferguson, Chris Martin, Don Johnson, and Gene Simmons.

Enjoy this list and respect these famous people for not being alcohol users. Not everyone needs booze, obviously - you can be a teetotaler and still be a success. This list of prominent teetotalers throughout history and today is ordered by popularity.