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13 Famous People Who Got Busted for Peeing in Public

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Most humans have peed outside at one point in their lives. Chalk it up to drunkenness or even a strong connection with our Neanderthal ancestors who almost exclusively peed outside. For full-bladdered five-year-olds, it's almost even a rite of passage to stop at the side of the interstate and pee in the woods during a long car trip.

Unfortunately, common sense and decency states that it is improper and illegal to freely whip out one's peen or vageen in public. Thus, it is quite easy to be arrested and given a pesky public urination citation when you hear the call of the wild on a public sidewalk or elementary school playground. In another case of celebrities being just like us, many famous people have been arrested for public urination.

Although some celebrities have managed to avoid being arrested or fined by publicly peeing without any cops around (ahem Justin Bieber, ahem Kesha), there have been far more sad souls who fell victim to police officers' annoying tendency to enforce public urination laws. Celebrities who behaved badly on planes, the airport, or musical festivals where people could clearly see them didn't get off as easy. Please enjoy this list of celebrities who were caught peeing in public. 

  • Photo: Police Mug Shot

    The Messiah of hot messes, comedian Andy Dick had always been bound to be caught peeing in public at some point. In 2008, the former TV star was arrested for drunkenly peeing outside a Buffalo Wild Wings. 

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  • Photo: HBO

    Billionaire Robert Durst has been thrice accused of murder, so his 2015 arrest for public urination was probably amateur hour for him. After Durst peed on a CVS candy rack in 2015, his lawyer chalked the incident up to a "medical mishap."

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  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Kesha didn't technically get "busted" but she really could have. Early one morning in 2012, she posted this photo and wrote, “pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik.” Which is so weird.

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  • Video: YouTube

    One of the many obnoxious things Justin Bieber has done is that one time that he peed in a restaurant's mop bucket and yelled "F*ck Bill Clinton" (?) before walking out. Which okay, is kind of funny.

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