Famous People Who Had Kidney Stones

While rarely serious, kidney stones can be incredibly painful, and famous people with kidney stones can attest to that. Kidney stones are hard deposits of various materials, such as minerals and salts, that form in the kidneys and can usually be passed without any permanent damage. Most of the below celebs passed their kidney stones without too much trouble, but endured an excruciating experience nevertheless. The men and women below opened up about this particular medical issue in often honest interviews where they made it very clear just how uncomfortable a kidney stone can be.  

Celebrities with kidney stones often find the experience vastly more painful than other medical ailments. While many people can successfully pass kidney stones with some medication and plenty of water, hospitalization or even surgery is sometimes required. Lyndon Johnson, for example, went under the knife both over issues with kidney stones and his gall bladder. Complications like this can be inconvenient, as stars often have lots of obligations and busy schedules, but there are plenty of treatments for kidney stones that can minimize pain. To learn more about celebs who have kidney stones, browse this list!