Famous People Who Have Been Knighted

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Celebrities who are official or honorary knights

Here we present a list of famous people who have been knighted, ranked by fame and popularity by fans of British chivalry, like you. Being knighted is one of the highest honors that an individual can hope to receive. A variety of famous people have been knighted for their contributions to music, film, theater, and charity work. In special cases, honorary knighthoods can be bestowed upon worthy candidates from foreign countries.

Who is the most famous person who has been knighted? Ronald Reagan tops our list. Reagan received an honorary knighthood in 1989 from Queen Elizabeth II. After the ceremony, Reagan stated, “I feel greatly honored. I can't say how proud I am.” Four years after Reagan received the honor, his vice president and President at the time, George H.W. Bush, also received the honorary knighthood. Other "Sirs" knighted in England include Sean Connery, Bono, and Michael Caine.  

Several famous musicians have been knighted. English super star Paul McCartney was given the honor in 1997 and Elton John was knighted the following year. Actors Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stewart have also received the great honor of knighthood, as has the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. The French have also bestowed honorary knighthoods upon recipients, including two American actors of classic and modern cinema, Clint Eastwood and Robert De Niro.

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Photo: Irish Defence Forces / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0