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Famous People Who Turned Their Back On Fame And Just Work Normal Jobs Now

Updated 12 Aug 2019 1.2m views15 items

Most people can think of nothing better than being a celebrity. With this status often comes fame and fortune, allowing actors, singers, and other public figures to live a life of luxury that the rest of the public can only dream of. Yet, despite the fact that being a celebrity is something that many aspire to, there are those who have turned their back on fame and quit show business to go back to living a normal life. 

These aren't famous movie stars who were hounded out of Hollywood for their behavior or musicians who had breakdowns. Instead, these are promising talented people who quit well before their time. Whether they just couldn’t handle the fame that came with the job or had to leave it all behind because of personal tragedy, these are famous people who gave up their fame and now work normal jobs. These people who quit acting to lead regular lives remind us that celebrity is fleeting and not always desirable. 

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