9 Famous People Who Were Kicked Out of College

List of Famous People Who Were Kicked Out of College ranked by fame and popularity. Many famous people have been kicked out, suspended or expelled from college. Some celebrities got into fights, while others got in trouble for breaking dorm rules. Several of these famous folks went on to have “bad boy” images, but some people on this list may surprise you.

Who is the most famous person who was kicked out of college? Harrison Ford tops our list. Ford was expelled from Ripon College. The "Star Wars" star failed a philosophy class just days before he was supposed to graduate. While Ford was in college he took a drama class to help him with his shyness. He went on to star in some of the most successful film franchises of all time. Other Hollywood A-listers who were kicked out of college include Samuel L. Jackson and Woody Allen.

Artist Salvador Dali was kicked out of San Fernando School of Fine Arts for disturbing the peace. After he was kicked out, he went to Paris where he met fellow artist Pablo Picasso. Though Dali developed a more surrealist style, Picasso remained one of his greatest influences.

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