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List of Famous People Who Were Kicked Out of High School, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Many famous people have been kicked out, suspended or expelled from high school. Some celebrities got into fights, while others got in trouble for drinking or smoking. Several of these famous folks went on to have “bad boy” images, but some people on this list may surprise you.

Who is the most famous person who was kicked out of high school? Salma Hayek tops our list. The From Dusk 'Till Dawn actress was expelled from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, Louisiana. She had a tendency for pulling pranks on the nuns. Other famous women who have been kicked out of high school include Courtney Love, Lily Allen, and Elizabeth Hurley. Some celebs who were even kicked out of school for fighting. 

Several famous actors were also kicked out of high school. Marlon Brando was expelled from high school for riding his motorcycle in the halls. “The Godfather” star was also expelled from military school for smoking and getting into fights. Other well-known men who were kicked out of high school include Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson and Owen Wilson.

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26 Famous People Who Were Kicked Out of High School