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Who Is The Most Famous Cooper In The World?

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How many celebrities with the last name Cooper can you think of? The famous Coopers below have many different professions, including notable actors with the last name Cooper, famous musicians named Cooper, and even athletes named Cooper.

Bradley Cooper is certainly one of the most famous Coopers on this list. One of the famous actors with the last name Cooper, he is best known for his performances in such films as Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover, and Limitless. He also produced, wrote, directed, and starred in the 2018 film A Star Is Born.

Another of the famous people with the last name Cooper is Alice Cooper. He is the legendary shock rocker who is beloved for his theatrical concerts. His hits include “I'm Eighteen, “School's Out,” and “Poison.”

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  • Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Charles Cooper (born January 5, 1975) is an American actor and filmmaker. He has been...  more
  • Alice Cooper
    Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier; February 4, 1948) is an American singer, songwriter,...  more
  • Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper

    Dec. at 60 (1901-1961)
    Gary Cooper (born Frank James Cooper; May 7, 1901 – May 13, 1961) was an American actor. Known...  more
  • Chris Cooper
    Christopher Walton Cooper (born July 9, 1951) is an American film actor. He has appeared in...  more
  • Dominic Cooper
    Dominic Edward Cooper (born 2 June 1978) is an English actor. He has worked in television,...  more
  • Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967) is an American journalist, television personality,...  more
  • Quade Cooper
    Quade Santini Cooper (born 5 April 1988) is a professional rugby union player and occasional...  more
  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Jerome Cooper (born April 15, 1956) is an American basketball coach and former player....  more
  • Henry Cooper

    Henry Cooper

    Dec. at 77 (1934-2011)
    Sir Henry Cooper (3 May 1934 – 1 May 2011) was a British heavyweight boxer. Cooper held the...  more
  • Charlotte Cooper

    Charlotte Cooper

    Dec. at 96 (1870-1966)
    Charlotte Cooper Sterry (née Charlotte Reinagle Cooper, 22 September 1870 – 10 October 1966)...  more
  • James Fenimore Cooper

    James Fenimore Cooper

    Dec. at 62 (1789-1851)
    James Fenimore Cooper (September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851) was an American writer of the...  more
  • Jackie Cooper

    Jackie Cooper

    Dec. at 89 (1922-2011)
    John Cooper Jr. (September 15, 1922 – May 3, 2011) was an American actor, television director,...  more
  • Cecil Cooper
    Cecil Celester Cooper (born December 20, 1949) is a former first baseman in Major League...  more
  • Tommy Cooper

    Tommy Cooper

    Dec. at 63 (1921-1984)
    Thomas Frederick Cooper (19 March 1921 – 15 April 1984) was a British prop comedian and...  more
  • Wilbur Cooper

    Wilbur Cooper

    Dec. at 81 (1892-1973)
    Arley Wilbur Cooper (February 24, 1892 – August 7, 1973) was an American starting pitcher in...  more
  • Pat Cooper

    Pat Cooper

    Age: 91
    Pat Cooper (born Pasquale Caputo July 31, 1929) is an American actor and comedian....  more
  • Riley Cooper
    Riley Cooper (born September 9, 1987) is a former American football wide receiver who played 6...  more
  • Gordon Cooper

    Gordon Cooper

    Dec. at 77 (1927-2004)
    Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr. (March 6, 1927 – October 4, 2004) was an American aerospace...  more
  • Mort Cooper

    Mort Cooper

    Dec. at 45 (1913-1958)
    Morton Cecil Cooper (March 2, 1913 – November 17, 1958) was an American baseball pitcher who...  more
  • Jeanne Cooper

    Jeanne Cooper

    Dec. at 85 (1928-2013)
    Wilma Jeanne Cooper (October 25, 1928 – May 8, 2013) was an American actress, best known for...  more
  • Teresa Cooper
    Teresa Cooper is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Africa....  more
  • Betty Cooper
    Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is one of the main characters appearing in American comic books...  more
  • Claire Cooper
    Claire Elizabeth Cooper (born 26 October 1980) is a British actress, best known for portraying...  more
  • Lindsay Cooper

    Lindsay Cooper

    Dec. at 62 (1951-2013)
    Lindsay Cooper (3 March 1951 – 18 September 2013) was an English bassoon and oboe player,...  more
  • Connie Cooper

    Connie Cooper

    Age: 79
    Connie Cooper is an actress, acting coach and singer....