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Who Is The Most Famous Harris In The World?

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How many celebrities with the last name Harris can you think of? The famous Harrises below have many different professions, including notable actors with the last name Harris, famous musicians named Harris, and even athletes named Harris.

Kamala Harris is certainly one of the most famous Harrises on this list. One of the famous public figures with the last name Harris, she made history by becoming the first female, and the first African American and first Asian American, Vice President of the United States in 2021. She previously served as a senator from California from 2017 to 2021.

Another of the famous people with the last name Harris is Neil Patrick Harris. He is best known for playing Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. He won a Tony Award for his performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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  • Kamala Harris

    Kamala Harris

    Age: 55
    Kamala Devi Harris (born October 20, 1964) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the...  more
  • Neil Patrick Harris
    Neil Patrick Harris (born June 15, 1973) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer,...  more
  • Calvin Harris
    Adam Richard Wiles (born 17 January 1984), known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a...  more
  • Ed Harris

    Ed Harris

    Age: 69
    Edward Allen Harris (born November 28, 1950) is an American actor, producer, director, and...  more
  • Naomie Harris
    Naomie Melanie Harris (born 6 September 1976) is an English actress. She started her career...  more
  • Jared Harris
    Jared Francis Harris (born 24 August 1961) is an Irish-British actor. His roles include Lane...  more
  • Richard Harris

    Richard Harris

    Age: Died at 72 (1930-2002)
    Richard St. John Harris (1 October 1930 – 25 October 2002) was an Irish actor and singer. He...  more
  • Steve Harris
    Stephen Percy Harris (born 12 March 1956) is an English musician, songwriter, bassist,...  more
  • Emmylou Harris
    Emmylou Harris (born April 2, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She has...  more
  • Sam Harris

    Sam Harris

    Age: 53
    Samuel Benjamin Harris (born April 9, 1967) is an American author, public intellectual,...  more
  • Rachael Harris
    Rachael Elaine Harris (born January 12, 1968) is an American actress and comedian. She is...  more
  • Estelle Harris
    Estelle Harris (née Nussbaum; born April 4, 1928) is an American actress, voice actress and...  more
  • Franco Harris
    Franco Harris (born March 7, 1950) is an American former football running back who played...  more
  • Danielle Harris
    Danielle Andrea Harris (born June 1, 1977) is an American actress, voice actress, and film...  more
  • Devin Harris
    Devin Lamar Harris (born February 27, 1983) is an American professional basketball player who...  more
  • Samantha Harris
    Samantha Harris (born Samantha Harris Shapiro; November 27, 1973) is an American television...  more
  • Cliff Harris
    Clifford Allen Harris (born November 12, 1948) is a former professional American football...  more
  • Tobias Harris
    Tobias John Harris (born July 15, 1992) is an American professional basketball player for the...  more
  • Mike Harris
    Michael Harris (born June 15, 1983) is an American professional basketball player. ...  more
  • Tommie Harris
    Tommie Harris, Jr. (born April 29, 1983) is a former American football defensive tackle who...  more
  • Gary Harris
    Gary Harris (born September 14, 1994) is an American professional basketball player who...  more
  • Thomas Harris
    William Thomas Harris III (born September 22, 1940) is an American writer, best known for a...  more
  • Crystal Harris
    Crystal Hefner (née Harris) (born April 29, 1986) is an American model and television...  more
  • Rolf Harris
    Rolf Harris (born 30 March 1930) is an Australian entertainer whose career has encompassed...  more
  • Barbara Harris
    Barbara Densmoor Harris (July 25, 1935 – August 21, 2018) was an American actress. She...  more