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Famous People Whose Last Name Is Reid

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Being a fairly common name, it's no surprise there are a lot of famous people with the last name Reid. Do you recognize all the celebrities whose last name is Reid on this list? Although not all of these people are related, they are all famous people with Reid as their surname. From athletes and actors to musicians and political figures, this list provides images of each famous Reid along with information about their lives. If your surname is also Reid, you very well could be related to some of the well-known people on this list. Examples of famous Reids include Tara Reid, Susanna Reid, and Harry Reid, but there are plenty of others on this list to learn about other than just those three.

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  • Tara Reid

    Tara Reid

    Age: 44
    Tara Donna Reid (born November 8, 1975) is an American actress. She played Vicky in the films...  more
  • Susanna Reid
    Susanna Victoria Reid (born 10 December 1970) is an English television presenter, actress and...  more
  • Harry Reid

    Harry Reid

    Age: 80
    Harry Mason Reid (; born December 2, 1939) is a retired American attorney and politician who...  more
  • Andy Reid

    Andy Reid

    Age: 62
    Andrew Walter Reid (born March 19, 1958) is an American football head coach of the Kansas City...  more
  • Vernon Reid
    Vernon Alphonsus Reid (born 22 August 1958) is a British-born American guitarist and...  more
  • Mike Reid

    Mike Reid

    Age: 73
    Michael or Mike Reid may refer to:...  more
  • James Reid

    James Reid

    Age: 42
    James Reid is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Fiji....  more
  • Elena Reid

    Elena Reid

    Age: 38
    Elena A. Reid (born November 1, 1981) is an American former boxer and former mixed martial...  more
  • Alex Reid

    Alex Reid

    Age: 45
    Alexander Aristides Reid (born 21 July 1975) is an English mixed martial artist (MMA),...  more
  • L.A. Reid

    L.A. Reid

    Age: 64
    Antonio Marquis "L.A." Reid (born June 7, 1956) is an American record executive, record...  more
  • Wallace Reid

    Wallace Reid

    Dec. at 32 (1891-1923)
    William Wallace Halleck Reid (April 15, 1891 – January 18, 1923) was an American actor in...  more
  • Jim Reid

    Jim Reid

    Age: 58
    James McLeish Reid (born 29 December 1961) is a Scottish singer/songwriter and the lead singer...  more
  • Eric Reid

    Eric Reid

    Age: 24
    Eric Todd Reid is an American football safety for the San Francisco 49ers of the National...  more
  • Anne Reid

    Anne Reid

    Age: 85
    Anne Reid, MBE (born 28 May 1935) is an English stage, film and television actress, known for...  more
  • Thomas Reid

    Thomas Reid

    Dec. at 86 (1710-1796)
    Thomas Reid (; 7 May (O.S. 26 April) 1710 – 7 October 1796) was a religiously trained...  more
  • J.R. Reid

    J.R. Reid

    Age: 52
    Herman "J. R." Reid Jr. (born March 31, 1968) is a retired American professional basketball...  more
  • Alex Reid

    Alex Reid

    Age: 39
    Alex Reid (born 23 December 1980, in Penzance, Cornwall, UK) is an English actress, trained at...  more
  • Forrest Reid

    Forrest Reid

    Dec. at 72 (1875-1947)
    Forrest Reid (born 24 June 1875, Belfast, Northern Ireland; d. 4 January 1947, Warrenpoint,...  more
  • George Reid
    Sir George Reid (born 4 June 1939) is a Scottish politician. From February 1974 to May 1979...  more
  • Robert Reid
    Robert Keith Reid (born August 30, 1955) is an American former professional basketball...  more
  • Paul Dennis Reid

    Paul Dennis Reid

    Dec. at 56 (1957-2013)
    Paul Dennis Reid, Jr. (November 12, 1957 – November 1, 2013), also known as The Fast Food...  more
  • Junior Reid
    Delroy "Junior" Reid (born 6 June 1963) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall musician, best...  more
  • Terry Reid

    Terry Reid

    Age: 70
    Terry Reid (born 13 November 1949) is an English rock vocalist and guitarist. He has performed...  more
  • Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid (born April 5, 1968), formerly known as Kid (shortened from his original MC...  more
  • Sarah Reid

    Age: 34
    Sarah Reid (born 20 August 1985 in Paisley, Scotland) is a Scottish curler from Glasgow.She...  more