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Famous People Whose Last Name Is Schwartz

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Being a fairly common name, it's no surprise there are a lot of famous people with the last name Schwartz. Do you recognize all the celebrities whose last name is Schwartz on this list? Although not all of these people are related, they are all famous people with Schwartz as their surname. From athletes and actors to musicians and political figures, this list provides images of each famous Schwartz along with information about their lives. If your surname is also Schwartz, you very well could be related to some of the well-known people on this list. Examples of famous Schwartzs include Stephen Schwartz, Ben Schwartz, and Jim Schwartz, but there are plenty of others on this list to learn about other than just those three.

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  • Stephen Lawrence Schwartz (born March 6, 1948) is an American musical theatre lyricist and composer. In a career spanning over four decades, Schwartz has written such hit musicals as Godspell (1971),...  more
  • Ben Schwartz is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is perhaps best known for portraying Tom Haverford's friend Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on the sitcom Parks and Recreation. In 2012, he joined...  more
  • James J. Schwartz (born June 2, 1966) is an American football coach who is the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). Schwartz was also formerly the...  more
  • Joshua Ian Schwartz (born August 6, 1976) is an American screenwriter and television producer. Schwartz is best known for creating and executive producing the Fox teen drama series The O.C. which ran...  more
  • Sherwood Schwartz

    Dec. at 94 (1916-2011)
    Sherwood Charles Schwartz (; November 14, 1916 – July 12, 2011) was an American television producer. He worked on radio shows in the 1940s, he is best known for creating the 1960s television series...  more
  • Delmore Schwartz

    Dec. at 52 (1913-1966)
    Delmore Schwartz (December 8, 1913 – July 11, 1966) was an American poet and short story writer....  more
  • Tony Schwartz

    Dec. at 84 (1923-2008)
    Anthony Schwartz (August 19, 1923 – June 15, 2008) was an American sound archivist, sound designer, pioneering media theorist, and advertising creator. Known as the "wizard of sound," he is perhaps...  more
  • Maïté Schwartz (born August 29, 1979) is an American film and television actress. Schwartz was born in Dallas, Texas. She received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in 2001. Schwartz...  more
  • Matt Schwartz (born 26 October 1971) is an Israeli-British record producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, programmer, sound engineer, mixing engineer and DJ....  more
  • Morris Schwartz

    Dec. at 103 (1901-2004)
    Morris Schwartz (April 3, 1901 – October 22, 2004) was an American photographic inventor, photographer and businessman. Born in Russia, Schwartz went to the United States in 1906 with his family,...  more
  • Melvin Schwartz

    Dec. at 73 (1932-2006)
    Melvin Schwartz (; November 2, 1932 – August 28, 2006) was an American physicist. He shared the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics with Leon M. Lederman and Jack Steinberger for their development of the...  more
  • Scott Schwartz (born May 12, 1968) is an American former child actor best known for his roles in The Toy, A Christmas Story and Kidco....  more
  • Anton Schwartz (born July 16, 1967) is an American jazz saxophonist and composer based in Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California....  more
  • Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz (born August 18, 1956) is a drummer best known for working with the singer-songwriter "Weird Al" Yankovic. The two met while recording "Another One Rides the Bus" at the Dr....  more
  • Scott L. Schwartz AKA The Ultimate Bad Guy is an American film and television actor and stuntman, and former professional wrestler. His size and agility at 6'8" and 303 pounds (137 kg) have allowed...  more
  • Al Schwartz

    Dec. at 77 (1910-1988)
    Al Schwartz may refer to: Al Schwartz (producer) (born 1932), American television producer Al Schwartz (writer) (1910–1988), American screenwriter, television producer, and director Alan R. Schwartz...  more
  • Geoffrey Isaiah "Geoff" Schwartz (born July 11, 1986) is a former American football offensive guard in the National Football League and author. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the seventh...  more
  • Lynne Sharon Schwartz

    Age: 82
    Lynne Sharon Schwartz (born March 19, 1939) is an American prose writer....  more
  • Allyson Young Schwartz (born October 3, 1948) is an American politician and a former member of the United States House of Representatives for Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district, serving from...  more
  • Julius Schwartz

    Dec. at 88 (1915-2004)
    Julius "Julie" Schwartz (; June 19, 1915 – February 8, 2004) was a comic book editor, and a science fiction agent and prominent fan. He was born in The Bronx, New York. He is best known as a longtime...  more
  • Jaden Schwartz (born June 25, 1992) is a Canadian ice hockey player for the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League (NHL). Schwartz was selected 14th overall by the Blues in the 2010 NHL Entry...  more
  • Catherine Michelle Schwartz (often called Cat for short) (born May 27, 1977) is an American television personality perhaps best known for her former role as co-host on the TechTV television program...  more
  • Carol Schwartz (born January 20, 1944) is an American politician from Washington, D.C., who served as a Republican at-large member on the Council of the District of Columbia from 1985 to 1989 and...  more
  • Douglas Schwartz is an American television screenwriter and series creator who, along with Michael Berk, worked as a writer on the television series Manimal, and multiple made for television movies....  more
  • Laurent Schwartz

    Dec. at 87 (1915-2002)
    Laurent-Moïse Schwartz (French: [ʃvaʁts]; 5 March 1915 – 4 July 2002) was a French mathematician. He pioneered the theory of distributions, which gives a well-defined meaning to objects such as the...  more
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