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Who Is The Most Famous Thomas In The World?

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How many celebrities with the last name Thomas can you think of? The famous Thomases below have many different professions, including notable actors with the last name Thomas, famous musicians named Thomas, and even athletes named Thomas.

Kristin Scott Thomas is certainly one of the most famous Thomases on this list. One of the famous actresses with the last name Thomas, she is best known for starring in The English Patient in 1996. She also appeared in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gosford Park, and Only God Forgives among other films.

Another of the famous people with the last name Thomas is Rob Thomas. He is the singer of the band Matchbox Twenty. He is also a solo artist and songwriter who has collaborated with Santana, Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, and more superstars.

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    Dame Kristin Ann Scott Thomas (born 24 May 1960) is an English actress. Five times a BAFTA...  more

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    Rob Thomas

    Robert Kelly Thomas (born February 14, 1972) is an American singer, songwriter, record...  more

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    Heather Thomas

    Heather Anne Thomas (born September 8, 1957) is an American actress, author, and political...  more
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    Jonathan Taylor Thomas (born Jonathan Taylor Weiss; September 8, 1981) is an American actor,...  more

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    Richard Thomas

    Richard Earl Thomas (born June 13, 1951) is an American actor. He is best known for his...  more
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    Marlo Thomas

    Margaret Julia "Marlo" Thomas (born November 21, 1937) is an American actress, producer,...  more

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    Dave Thomas

    David William Thomas (born May 20, 1949) is a Canadian comedian, actor and television writer....  more

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    Imogen Thomas

    Imogen Mary Thomas is a Welsh model and television personality. She won the Miss Wales award...  more
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    Clarence Thomas

    Clarence Thomas (born June 23, 1948) is an American judge, lawyer, and government official who...  more

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    'Sean Patrick Thomas (born December 17, 1970) is an American actor. He is best known for his...  more

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    Danny Thomas

    Danny Thomas (born Amos Muzyad Yaqoob Kairouz; January 6, 1912 – February 6, 1991) was an...  more

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    Antonia Thomas

    Antonia Laura Thomas (born 3 November 1986) is an English actress. She is best known for...  more
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    Olive Thomas

    Olive Thomas (born Oliva R. Duffy; October 20, 1894 – September 10, 1920) was an American...  more
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    Philip Michael Thomas (born May 26, 1949) is an American retired actor and musician. Thomas'...  more

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    Betty Thomas

    Betty Thomas (born Betty Lucille Nienhauser, July 27, 1948) is an American actress, director,...  more

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    Henry Thomas

    Henry Jackson Thomas Jr. (born September 9, 1971) is an American actor and musician. He is...  more

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    Irma Thomas

    Irma Thomas (born February 18, 1941) is an American singer from New Orleans. She is known as...  more

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    Rozonda Thomas

    Rozonda Ocielian Thomas (born February 27, 1971), known professionally as Chilli, is an...  more

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    Dave Thomas

    Rex David Thomas (July 2, 1932 – January 8, 2002) was an American businessman, philanthropist,...  more

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    Debi Thomas

    Debra Janine Thomas (born March 25, 1967) is an American former figure skater and physician....  more
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    Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Doris Thomas (September 23, 1968 – December 22, or 23, 1998) was an American actress...  more
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    Natasha Thomas

    Natasha Thomas (born September 27, 1986 in Roskilde) is a Danish pop singer-songwriter....  more
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    Devin Thomas

    Devin Thomas (born November 15, 1986) is a former American football wide receiver. After...  more
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    Michael Tilson Thomas (born December 21, 1944) is an American conductor, pianist and composer....  more
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    Etan Thomas

    Dedrick Etan Thomas (born April 1, 1978) is an American retired professional basketball player...  more