Famous People You Didn't Know Were Agoraphobic

Agoraphobia describes the fear of places or situations that might make you feel panicked, afraid, or embarrassed, and it's more common than you might think. These famous agoraphobic people have struggled with this anxiety for years, or perhaps even their whole lives. Some of these celebrities with agoraphobia experience panic attacks before social situations while others have developed stage fright as a result of the condition. Some agoraphobic celebs even live reclusive, solitary lives.

What celebrities will you find on this list of famous people with agoraphobia? Barbra Streisand's agoraphobia makes it difficult for her to perform in intimate settings. Kim Basinger is also agoraphobic. "Fear has been something I’ve lived with my entire life, the fear of being in public places - which led to anxiety or panic attacks. I stayed in my house and literally cried every day,” she said in a 2001 HBO documentary.

Woody Allen is famously agoraphobic and he often includes elements of the disorder into his films. Other celebrities with agoraphobia include Macaulay Culkin, Sally Field, and Paula Deen.

Are you surprised that so many celebrities suffer from social anxiety? Take a look at this list and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

Photo: flickr / CC0