Famous People Who Own Bugattis

List of famous people with Bugattis loosely ranked by fame and popularity. It's no secret that celebrities love to drive nice cars. Many famous people own a model of every luxury vehicle. Several actors, athletes, and musicians own Bugattis. Most celebs pay extra money to get their Bugattis customized with the best equipment and individualized features.

Who is the most famous person who owns a Bugatti? Born on the Forth of July actor Tom Cruise tops our list. Cruise arrived at the premiere of Mission Impossible III in a Bugatti Veyron. Tom Cruise is well known for his fast and skillful driving as well as his impressive taste in automobiles. Beyonce Knowles gave her husband Jay-Z his Bugatti Veyron, worth over $2 million, for his 41st birthday. Chris Brown also owns a Bugatti Veyron. The Game, Xzibit, and Birdman all own Bugatti Veyrons as well.

Several athletes also own Bugattis. NFL player Tom Brady owns a Bugatti Veyron, as does soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. He also raced one on foot for a Nike advertisement. Soccer players Samuel Eto'o, Tim Cahill, and Roberto Carlo also own Bugatti Veyrons. Other celebrity Bugatti owners include Jay Leno and Floyd Mayweather Jr. With all that cash, these celebs can buy Bugattis in black, red, and white. 

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