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Famous People With Dwarfism

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This list of famous people with dwarfism includes famous actors and actresses, musicians, authors, and politicians and is a round-up of all famous people who are dwarfs (sometimes spelled, "dwarves"). These notable dwarfs are Emmy and Golden Globe winners, respected physicians, and famous politicians who were all born with dwarfism. Some of these famous dwarfs are household names, like Peter Dinklage from HBO's Game of Thrones and Verne Troyer of the Austin Powers movies, while others, like Michel Petrucciani (a famous French pianist) are less known but just as important in their fields.

For the record, any person under 4' 10" tall can technically be classified as a dwarf. For the purposes of this list, however, only celebrities with dwarfism have been included. Though there are certain celebrities who are dwarfs by its definition (like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from The Jersey Shore who is just 4' 8" tall), this list contains only the famous people with dwarfism, the condition that causes one or more parts of the body to be bigger or smaller than the others in comparison to an average-sized adult.

Who are the most famous dwarfs? What celebrities have dwarfism? Is a certain celebrity a dwarf? This list of notable dwarfs is not a complete one, but it seeks to answer some of these questions about the most well-known people with dwarfism. Some of the most famous people in history have been born with dwarfism and gone on to achieve great things. This list of famous dwarfs highlights some of those big achievements.