Famous People with Literal (and Hilarious) Names

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When people have funny names that relate to the things they do in life, it is called an aptronym. From Tim Duncan who is always dunkin' on the court to Anthony Wiener who has a fondness for showing off his appendage, there are a lot of notable people out there with literal names that are sure to give you a chuckle. Some of the most famous aptronyms include athletes whose names either reflect the sport they play or their position.

Of all the groups of people in the world, though, there seems to be one that has more aptronyms than anyone else: meteorologists. There are so many meteorologists with aptronym names that there's almost one for every type of whether pattern you could imagine. From Raines to Blizzard to Storm to Freeze (and more!), meteorologists take the aptronym cake.

English isn't the only language that has famous people with literal names. Almost every language and culture in the world has at least a few aptronyms. The retired Serbian NBA player, Vlade Divac was a giant on the court. It's appropriate, then, that in Serbian, div means giant.

There's just no getting around aptronyms sometimes so check out this list of some of the most famous and hilarious ones out there - and don't forget to vote up those that make you laugh the most!
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  • Thomas Crapper
    164 votes
    Dec. at 73 (1836-1910)
    Famous manufacturer of Victorian toilets
  • Dr. Richard Chopp
    125 votes

    Dr. Richard Chopp

    A doctor who performs vasectomies
  • Willie Thrower
    134 votes
    Dec. at 71 (1930-2002)
    Former NFL quarterback
  • Anthony D. Weiner
    156 votes
    Notoriously liked to show off his wiener