33 Famous People With MS

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Celebrities with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis or MS is an inflammatory disease that damages the nerve cells located in the brain and spinal cord. MS causes a variety of physical and mental impairments that can flare up. The cause of MS is unknown and there is no known cure for the disease.

Who are some of the most famous people with MS? Comedian Richard Pryor was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and the condition led him to use a motorized scooter. Pryor can be seen using this vehicle in the David Lynch film Lost Highway, which would be Pryor's last film appearance. Pryor also suffered from heart disease and perished from a heart attack in 2005. Other film stars who suffer from MS include Christina Applegate, Teri Garr, Annette Funicello, and David Lander.

Talk show host Montel Williams has been an outspoken advocate for MS since he was diagnosed in 1999. Williams founded the nonprofit MS Foundation and advocates for the use of medical marijuana to treat MS. Williams has stated that snowboarding has been the best therapy to treat his disease.