14 Famous People with Narcolepsy

This list of famous people with narcolepsy is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Narcolepsy is a disorder caused by the brain improperly regulating sleep-wake cycles. Narcolepsy is often confused with insomnia, as individuals who suffer from the disorder have trouble sleeping at night. Narcolepsy is thought to be caused by genetics or environmental issues that result in a virus. There is no known cure for narcolepsy, but it can be treated with medication and therapy. These famous narcoleptics all struggle with the condition.

Who is the most famous person with narcolepsy? Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill tops our list. Churchill didn't stress much about his condition stating that, “You must sleep sometime between lunch and dinner… Take off your clothes and get into bed… You get two days in one. Well, at least one-and-a-half.” Thomas Alva Edison, Louis Braille, and Harriet Tubman also suffered from narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy also impacts more modern Hollywood celebrities. Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel wrote an essay for Esquire about his condition. In it, Kimmel states, “Truth be told, I'd rather have narcolepsy than not have it. When I get on a flight to Vegas, I'll fall asleep before the plane takes off and wake up after it's landed. I'm always very close to sleep.”

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Photo: Jimmy Kimmel / Facebook