14 Famous People with Vertigo

List of Famous People with Vertigo ranked by fame and popularity. Vertigo is a type of dizziness that can effect an individual's balance. Often a person suffering from vertigo will feel like he is moving when he is standing still. Inner ear conditions can make a person feel the dizzying effects of vertigo. Vertigo can be treated by adjusting diet, taking medications and undergoing surgery.

Who is the most famous person who suffers with vertigo? Janet Jackson tops our list. In 2008, Jackson had to postpone nine shows because severe migraines were causing her to have vertigo. The pop star felt symptoms including dizziness and imbalance. Other famous women who suffer from vertigo include Peggy Lee, Kristin Chenoweth and Katie Leclerc.

NBA superstar LeBron James says that the reason he falls down so much is that he suffers from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. James was being criticized for “flopping” by fellow NBA players and the media, when he responded, “I just wish people understood the illness that I have, and not rush to judge Lebron James so quickly.” Other famous men with vertigo include Nicolas Cage, Alan Shepard and George Clinton.

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