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24 Huge Celebrities Who Secretly Voiced Your Favorite Video Game Characters

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Gamers love Easter eggs, and famous people voicing video game characters provide some of the best eggs for the observant player. Surprise celebrity voices in video games appear far more often than you might think, and the celebrities lending their voices come from all over the acting spectrum, from Oscar nominees to ubiquitous character actors like Keith David. Viral stars, musicians, and even a former president (ahem, Mr. Sheen) all appear in a wealth of games than span multiple genres. Even more surprising, some of these actors gained much of their fame through their voiceover work with video games. Among these talented folks, a few even rank among the greatest video game voice actors in gaming today.

In the Halo series, a storyline including the voices of Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin takes much of its inspiration from Firefly, modeling the story and feel after the legendary sci-fi series. These days, a lot more famous people decide to jump into voicing video game characters, from folks like Samuel L. Jackson who joined up in the Grand Theft Auto series, or Gary Oldman in the Call of Duty series. Now, the next time you get your game on, keep your ears perked up for some familiar voices. The graphics might entrance you, but the voices may just blow you away.