Famous Philosophers from Italy

List of notable or famous philosophers from Italy, with bios and photos, including the top philosophers born in Italy and even some popular philosophers who immigrated to Italy. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Italian philosophers then this list is the perfect resource for you. These philosophers are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known philosopher from Italy is included when available.

List people include Giordano Bruno, Julius Evola and more.

This historic philosophers from Italy list can help answer the questions "Who are some Italian philosophers of note?" and "Who are the most famous philosophers from Italy?" These prominent philosophers of Italy may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Italian philosophers.

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  • Achille Gagliardi (1537 – 6 July 1607) was an ascetic writer and spiritual director; and a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Gagliardi was born at Padua, Italy. After a brilliant career at ...more
  • Alessandro Achillini (Latin Alexander Achillinus; 20 or 29 October 1463 (or possibly 1461) – 2 August 1512) was an Italian philosopher and physician.
  • Alessandro Piccolomini (13 June 1508 – 12 March 1579) was an Italian astronomer and philosopher from Siena, who promoted the popularization in the vernacular of Latin and Greek scientific and ...more
  • Alexander Bonini (c. 1270 – 1314) was an Italian Franciscan philosopher, who became Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor. He taught at the University of Paris. A prolific writer, he is now ...more
  • Andrea Bonomi (born 1940 in Rome) is an Italian philosopher and logician, who studied with Enzo Paci. After an initial interest in phenomenology (Existence and structure: Essay on Merleau-Ponty, ...more
  • Andrea Cesalpino (Latinized as Andreas Cæsalpinus) (6 June 1519 – 23 February 1603) was an Italian physician, philosopher and botanist.In his works he classified plants according to their fruits and ...more
  • Antonio Francesco Gramsci (UK: , US: , Italian: [anˈtɔːnjo franˈtʃesko ˈɡramʃi] (listen); 22 January 1891 – 27 April 1937) was an Italian Marxist philosopher and communist politician. He wrote on ...more
  • Antonio "Toni" Negri (born 1 August 1933) is an Italian Spinozistic-Marxist sociologist and political philosopher, best known for his co-authorship of Empire and secondarily for his work on ...more
  • Antonio Veneziano (1543 - 19 August 1593) was an Italian poet who wrote mainly in the Sicilian language. He is considered among the greatest poets who wrote in Sicilian, which include Giovanni Meli, ...more
  • Baptista Spagnuoli Mantuanus (Italian: Battista Mantovano, English: Battista the Mantuan or simply Mantuan; also known as Johannes Baptista Spagnolo; 17 April 1447 – 22 March 1516) was an Italian ...more
  • Benedetto Croce (Italian: [beneˈdetto ˈkroːtʃe]; 25 February 1866 – 20 November 1952) was an Italian idealist philosopher, historian and politician, who wrote on numerous topics, including ...more
  • Bernardino Telesio (Italian: [bernarˈdiːno teˈlɛːzjo]; 7 November 1509 – 2 October 1588) was an Italian philosopher and natural scientist. While his natural theories were later disproven, his ...more
  • Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius, commonly called Boethius (; also Boetius ; c. 477–524 AD), was a Roman senator, consul, magister officiorum, and philosopher of the early 6th century. He was born ...more
  • Saint Bonaventure (; Italian: Bonaventura [ˌbɔnavenˈtuːra]; 1221 – 15 July 1274), born Giovanni di Fidanza, was an Italian medieval Franciscan, scholastic theologian and philosopher. The seventh ...more
  • Brunetto Latini (who signed his name Burnectus Latinus in Latin and Burnecto Latino in Italian; c. 1220–1294) was an Italian philosopher, scholar, notary, and statesman.
  • Bruno Leoni (26 April 1913 – 21 November 1967) was an Italian classical-liberal political philosopher and lawyer. Whilst the war kept Leoni away from teaching, in 1945 he became Full professor of ...more
  • Carlo Lottieri (born 6 November 1960, Brescia) is Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Verona. He holds a bachelor's degree (summa cum laude) in Philosophy from the University of ...more
  • Carlo Michelstaedter or Michelstädter (3 June 1887 – 17 October 1910) was an Italian philosopher, artist, and man of letters.
  • Saint Catherine of Siena (25 March 1347 – 29 April 1380), a laywoman associated with the Dominican Order, was a mystic, activist, and author who had a great influence on Italian literature and the ...more
  • Costanzo Preve (14 April 1943 – 23 November 2013) was an Italian philosopher and a political theoretician. Preve is widely considered as one of the most important anti-capitalist European thinkers ...more
  • Ernesto Buonaiuti (June 25, 1881 – April 20, 1946) was an Italian historian, philosopher of religion, Catholic priest and anti-fascist. He lost his chair at the University of Rome owing to his ...more
  • Count Francesco Algarotti (11 December 1712 – 3 May 1764) was a Venetian polymath, philosopher, poet, essayist, anglophile, art critic and art collector. He was a man of broad knowledge, an expert in ...more
  • Francesco Orestano is a philosopher.