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Famous Physicians from Switzerland

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List of notable or famous physicians from Switzerland, with bios and photos, including the top physicians born in Switzerland and even some popular physicians who immigrated to Switzerland. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Swiss physicians then this list is the perfect resource for you. These physicians are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known physician from Switzerland is included when available.

Examples of people on this list: Jean-Paul Marat, Emil Theodor Kocher and more.

This historic physicians from Switzerland list can help answer the questions "Who are some Swiss physicians of note?" and "Who are the most famous physicians from Switzerland?" These prominent physicians of Switzerland may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Swiss physicians.

Use this list of renowned Swiss physicians to discover some new physicians that you aren't familiar with. Don't forget to share this list by clicking one of the social media icons at the top or bottom of the page. {#nodes}
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    Dec. at 83 (1866-1950)

    BirthplaceSwitzerland, European Free Trade Association, Zurich District, Niederweningen, Dielsdorf district

    Adolf Meyer (September 13, 1866 – March 17, 1950) was a psychiatrist who rose to prominence as the first psychiatrist-in-chief of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (1910-1941). He was president of the...  more
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    Dec. at 79 (1863-1943)

    BirthplaceAubonne, Switzerland

    Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin (22 September 1863 – 1 March 1943) was a Swiss and naturalized French physician and bacteriologist. He is remembered as the co-discoverer of the bacillus responsible for...  more
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    Alphonse Crespo (aka Luis Crespo) is a Swiss orthopedic surgeon. Founder in 2007 of Medicine & Liberty [1] a medical network dedicated to the study and advocacy of liberty, ethics & market in medical...  more
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    Dec. at 61 (1837-1899)
    August Socin (February 21, 1837 – January 22, 1899) was a Swiss surgeon and educator born in the town of Vevey....  more
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    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

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    Dec. at 85 (1875-1961)

    BirthplaceKesswil, Switzerland

    Carl Gustav Jung ( YUUNG, German: [kaɐ̯l ˈjʊŋ]; 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Jung's work was influential in the fields of...  more

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    Dec. at 53 (1848-1901)

    BirthplaceDavos, Switzerland

    Carl Rüedi (April 21 (or 23?), 1848 – June 17, 1901) was a Swiss pulmonologist and at his lifetime one of the best-known physicians in Graubünden. Rüedi rose to fame around the world after having...  more
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    Dec. at 75 (1841-1917)

    BirthplaceBern, Switzerland

    Emil Theodor Kocher (25 August 1841 – 27 July 1917) was a Swiss physician and medical researcher who received the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work in the physiology, pathology...  more
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    Dec. at 76 (1587-1664)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    Emmanuel Stupanus or Stuppan (December 13, 1587 – February 26, 1664) was a Swiss physician and professor in Basel....  more
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    BirthplaceLausanne, Switzerland

    Enriqueta Favez (c. 1791 – 1856) also known as Henriette Favez, was a Swiss physician and surgeon who practiced medicine in the Napoleonic Wars and in Cuba. Although female, Favez lived as a male...  more
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    Dec. at 78 (1874-1952)

    BirthplaceSt. Gallen, Switzerland

    Ernst Rüdin (April 19, 1874 in St. Gallen – October 22, 1952) was a Swiss-born German psychiatrist, geneticist, eugenicist and Nazi. Rising to prominence under Emil Kraepelin and assuming his...  more
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    Dec. at 74 (1882-1956)

    BirthplaceAarau, Switzerland

    Eugen Bircher (17 February 1882 in Aarau – 20 October 1956) was a Swiss politician (member of parliament 1942 – 1955) and military leader who became associated with a pro-German position in the...  more
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    Dec. at 77 (1536-1614)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    Felix Plater (or Platter ; German: [ˈplatɐ]; October 28, 1536 – July 28, 1614) was a Swiss physician, professor in Basel, well known for his classification of psychiatric diseases, and was also the...  more
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    Dec. at 84 (1883-1968)

    BirthplaceNeuchâtel, Switzerland

    François Naville (14 June 1883 – 3 April 1968) was a Swiss physician, director of the medico-legal Institute of the University of Geneva, the only truly neutral expert in the international Katyn...  more
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    Dec. at 72 (1842-1915)

    BirthplaceGontenschwil, Switzerland

    Friedrich Huldreich Erismann, or Fyodor Fyodorovich Erismann (14 November 1842 - 13 November 1915) was a Swiss ophthalmologist and hygienist born in Gontenschwil, canton of Aargau....  more
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    Dec. at 60 (1834-1895)
    Friedrich "Fritz" Müller (8 May 1834 – 10 March 1895) was a Swiss doctor, zoologist, and herpetologist. He was born in Basel and studied at the University of Basel from 1852 to 1854, and then at...  more
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    Dec. at 64 (1560-1624)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    Gaspard Bauhin or Caspar Bauhin (Latin: Casparus Bauhinus; 17 January 1560 – 5 December 1624), was a Swiss botanist whose Phytopinax (1596) described thousands of plants and classified them in a...  more
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    Dec. at 68 (1746-1814)

    BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland

    Gaspard Vieusseux (February 18, 1746 – October 21, 1814) was a Genevan physician born in Geneva. In 1766 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Leiden, and subsequently returned to Geneva...  more
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    Dec. at 67 (1904-1972)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    For the soil scientist, see Hans Jenny (pedologist).Hans Jenny (16 August 1904, Basel – 23 June 1972, Dornach) was a physician and natural scientist who coined the term cymatics to describe acoustic...  more
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    Heinrich Sebastian Frenkel (June 5, 1860, in Heiden, Switzerland – April 21, 1931, in Dresden-Loschwitz) was a Swiss physician and neurologist born in Heiden, a town overlooking Lake Constance. He...  more
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    Dec. at 72 (1849-1921)

    BirthplaceKönigsberg, Germany

    Hermann Ludwig Eichhorst (3 March 1849 – 26 July 1921) was a German-Swiss internist born in Königsberg. He studied medicine in Königsberg and Berlin, and was an assistant to Ernst Viktor von Leyden...  more
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    Dec. at 76 (1856-1933)

    BirthplaceBern, Switzerland

    Hermann Sahli (May 23, 1856 – April 28, 1933) was a Swiss internist who was a native of Bern. In 1878 he earned his doctorate from the University of Bern, and subsequently became an assistant to...  more
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    Hugo Steiner is a Swiss citizen who graduated from the University of Zurich as a physician specialising in endocrinology. He worked for several years as the leader of a research group in...  more
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    Dec. at 86 (1842-1929)
    Jaques-Louis Reverdin (28 August 1842 – 9 January 1929) was a Swiss surgeon who was a native of Cologny.He studied at the University of Paris, becoming an interne of hospitals in 1865. In 1869 he...  more
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    Dec. at 89 (1838-1927)

    BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland

    Jean-Louis Prévost (May 12, 1838 - September 12, 1927) was a Swiss neurologist and physiologist who was a native of Geneva. He studied at Zurich, Berlin and Vienna, and in 1864 became an interne in...  more